College Fly Fishing 101 -The TU 5 Rivers Program

Campus 5 Rivers Clubs Expose Students to Fly Fishing and TU

The TU 5 Rivers program organizes campus clubs that teach students fly casting and fly tying and also provide volunteer stream conservation activities on the members' home waters. Students in TU 5 Rivers Clubs have the chance to join a sponsoring TU Chapter in their region, lend a young voice, and help shape the TU of tomorrow. 

TU 5 Rivers Part of Each School’s Club System

Each TU 5 Rivers club is formed under the guidelines and policies of the respective school and usually has a faculty member who acts as an advisor.  Students have the freedom to create their club’s logo and set up what the club will do each semester.  Clubs are encouraged to coordinate outings, guest speakers, and other events with their partner TU chapter.

Industry Support Tied to Success of TU 5 Rivers

Costa del Mar, Orvis, LL Bean, and Temple Fork Outfitters have gotten behind the TU 5 Rivers program, and with their support, clubs can put on fundraisers and enjoy quality gear while on the water.  Way to pay it forward!

Start a TU 5 Rivers Club Today

Are you a student who would like to start a TU 5 Rivers club on your campus?  Read more about the process in the 5 Rivers Student Guide.

For more information about TU's 5 Rivers College Outreach program, contact Franklin Tate


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