Trout Unlimited Annual Calendar

TU's Annual Calendar* is a benefit of membership in our organization. All current members of TU receive one copy of the Annual Calendar each year. The calendar is initially mailed out to all active members at the end of every August via 3rd Class mail. We will send out calendars again around the end of December for all members who have joined TU or renewed their membership since the beginning of September and were not included in the initial calendar mailing.

The Annual Calendar is a 16-month, beautiful, full-color, wall calendar that has amazing fish and scenic photos. This is a must-have for every angler's office or home, and makes a nice gift for fishers and conservationists of all types.

* Contributions to the Calendar Campaign are not membership dues payments and will not renew membership to TU. Please renew online or call 1-800-834-2419 to renew your membership to TU.


When is the calendar mailed out? How can I contribute to the Calendar Campaign?


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