Chapter assignment/recruitment

When you first join TU, you are assigned to a local chapter based on your zip code. All chapters have specific geographic regions based on zip code boundaries. To search for a chapter near you please CLICK HERE. The only exception to this chapter assignment rule is if you were recruited by a local chapter and mailed in a new membership application form, or joined online via the chapter recruitment page that prompted you with a drop-down list to select the chapter you would like.
If you would like to belong to another chapter, you can change it at any time. Please make this request. Please include your TU Member ID, full name, address and phone number so we can ensure we are updating the correct member record.

Please note: Membership in TU allows you membership in one chapter. TU cannot assign you to more than one chapter. An alternative is to contact the additional chapter(s) you'd like to stay in contact with and have them add you to their mailing list.


How am I assigned to a chapter? How can I change my chapter? How can I join a specific chapter of TU?


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