Androscoggin River

Tip of the week 

Concentrate on slower water where fish are still rising and taking midges. It is best to time your dry fly fishing for warm weather with little or no wind. A boat is key to getting to the places where most fish rise. When the bugs aren't on the water you can take fish in these slow sections fishing fish a grey streamer pattern like a grey zonker or woodduck herron to mimic fall fish and small trout. Buggers in dark colors will also take fish in shallow riffles, runs and in slower water especially on dark days. Over the past week fish have been moving even more to the slower sections with only a couple of fish taken in the slower portions of the usually productive riffles. Though this could change with rain.

Seven-day forecast 

Snow today will transition to rain tonight, a break tomorrow morning will be followed by another round of rain after 1pm on Wednesday. Another break in the weather during the day on Thursday with scattered showers Thursday night and Friday. Highs will hover in the low 40's through Friday with mostly light winds. This should make for some fishable conditions. Temps drop into the 30's through next Monday.

Must Have Flies 
Micro Nuke Egg yellow, orange, char 12-16 Buy from
Bead Head Prince 12-16 Buy from
Magic Midge black 18-22 Buy from
Adams Parachute Dry Fly 20-12 Buy from
Depth Charge Czech-Mate Nymph olive 12-14 Buy from
Polish Nymph Rubber Worm 12-16 Buy from
Nathan Hill

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