Arkansas River

Tip of the week 

Fish the edges! Water that looks to be safe to wade is where you'll likely find fish, so cast before you wade. Many areas can be wade fished from the shoreline without getting in the water. Heavy main channel current will push fish to soft water and pockets, so cover a lot of ground with a shallow nymph rig or a dry/dropper setup.

Seven-day forecast 

8/3/17 - The flows are higher than average for this time of year, continuing to push fish towards the edges out of heavy current. Hopper dropper combinations in water close to the banks will prove to be effective as fish continue to compete for food, and the stained water still gives the opportunity to use heavier leader material, as fish are not yet leader shy. With a 30-40% chance of precipitation in the next week's forecast, it's likely that we'll have intermittent plugs of discolored water coming in through some of our feeder streams. It is fairly easy to move around to get ahead of or behind the dirty water and find good, clear water conditions, and willing trout.

Must Have Flies 

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