Arkansas River

Tip of the week 

Dark streamers or dry-dropper/shallow nymphing in soft edge water and pockets.

Seven-day forecast 

Week of 5/22/16

We have reached our runoff season, but that doesn't mean the river is unfishable, yet. This week, flows are still condusive to fishing, but when we start reaching higher flows, extreme caution is advised for wade and boat fishermen. In fact, wading is arguably the better (and safer) tactic, because an angler can move throughout the day to avoid the diurnal peaks of daily runoff waves. This may make a difference of only a few inches of better clarity, but it definitely helps. The upper basin (north of Buena Vista) is usually in a clearing trend in the afternoons, so that may be the best option if you are compelled to fish through the runoff season.

Must Have Flies 

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