Baja Mexico - Cabo San Lucas, Magdalena Bay

Tip of the week 

Inshore - This time of year we see a lot of action early in the mornings as well as the low light hours in the evenings. People tend to over look these time periods. If you want some great action get up and on the water early or fish a little later in the day as those "magic" hours can be great.

Offshore - have a few different rods ready from 8wt. to 12/14wt as you never know what you might encounter as far as species and size of fish. It never fails you will be running to a destination and you run into feeding fish on your way. You need to be ready for anything before you leave the dock.

Seven-day forecast 

Excellent fishing in Baja and will continue to stay excellent all summer long!!


Jeff deBrown


Hi All,

We're definitely heading into our winter season here in Baja. In the East Cape, the weather is in the 80's and pleasant, but the main influencer on the fishing right now is the wind, which picked up over the past week and is forecasted to continue this week. The top bite in the East Cape is the Sierra bite at first light, but once the sun is up, the action dies down quickly. There are a few mid-size roosters along the beach, and the marlin bite has been steady, but as far as dorado, this has been the worst season for dorado here in the east cape that we have seen in years. However, the good news is that the action is heating up over in in Magdalena Bay.

I recently had clients in Mag Bay and this is where we will be focusing on fishing this winter season. We're seeing a solid bite with wahoo and dorado and the action is picking up on striped marlin. The fishing will only get better for striped marlin as water continues to cool down. In the mangroves, the snapper bite is solid and provides great action on light tackle.

If anyone has any questions regarding fishing in Mag Bay, please call us at 1-888-287-4076 and we are happy to help. We will have a new report up mid week on Mag Bay and we look forward to fishing with you soon.

Tight lines,

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