Tip of the week 

Fishing has been best early morning and then the last hour of light in the evening. Long leaders and fine tippets are a must with such low clear water.

Trico mayflies are in full swing. These tiny (#20-24) flies require fine 7-8x tippets and careful drag free drifts. Getting a drag free presentation on these calm surface currents can be tricky. Try slowly getting into position above the fish and making a slack line cast down to just above the fish. By doing this you can keep your fly in the feeding lane without putting your line over the trout and spooky it.

On faster sections try swinging a traditional wet fly, caddis pupa imitation, or soft hackle wet through riffles and heads of pools. A great way to imitate drifting and emerging caddis and effective way to cover water.

Seven-day forecast 

Some slightly cooler weather this week should allow water temps to drop to more comfortable conditions.

Must Have Flies 
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