Tip of the week 

Best fishing will be early morning until the sun hits the water and then the last hour or so of daylight. Long and very light tippets are the rule for fishing the Battenkill during the summer. As water drops make sure to move very slowly, keep your profile to a minimum and use streamside brush to mask your presence. These fish are wary and you won't catch them if you spook them before your fly hits the water.
Zug Bugs, Prince Nymphs and Leadwing Coachmen make good Isonychia imitations. Iso nymphs are very active swimmers so you should fish your flies with a swing through faster water or use a quick short strip. As Doug noted below trout tend to smack these flies pretty hard before they can get away.

Seven-day forecast 

Levels are great and continue to drop. Warm temps and chance of rain later this week may slow things down a bit if it comes down hard enough or could lead to some great streamer action.

Must Have Flies 
Bead Head American Pheasant Tail Brown #14-20 Buy from
Sparkle Dun Sulphur #16-18 Buy from
Splitsville Caddis Tan/Olive #14-18 Buy from
Light Cahill Cream #14-18 Buy from
Splitsville Spinner Rust -Olive-Yellow #12-18 Buy from
Bead Head Caddis Pupa Olive/Green #14-16 Buy from
Orvis Manchester

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