Tip of the week 

Best bet will be nymphs and streamers.

Dead drift or slowly swing nymphs through feeding lanes and along current seams. Fish a dropper rig with a larger weighted fly and smaller Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge or Egg Fly tied off bend of hook. Make sure to have enough weight to get your offering down and use a strike indicator to show delicate takes.

Big ugly streamers with lots of movement like Zonkers, Nutcrackers, Motto Minnows and other articulated flies down to size 4 or even 2. Focus on holding areas mid-pool and transition zones from deep to shallow and around structure where big trout wait in ambush. Make sure to get your streamer down by using enough weight on your leader or a sink tip or poly leader.

Seven-day forecast 

It's winter so fishing will be slow but they have to eat sometime. A couple reports of a decent fish here and there from the NY section keep the hopes up.

Must Have Flies 
CDC Comparadun Olive #18-22 Buy from
TH 20 Incher Black #12-14 Buy from
Bead Head Barr Emerger BWO #18-22 Buy from
Zonker Olive/White/Black #4-8 Buy from
Egg Fly Peach/Orange/Chart #12-14 Buy from
Orvis CJ Nymph Copper John #12-18 Buy from
Orvis Manchester

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