Tip of the week 

There is a large assortment of bugs on the water right now and you don't know what you'll run into.. You'll want to carry several patterns to imitate nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners. If you're fishing evenings you can mostly focus on spinners and be fairly confident you have something a trout will eat... rusty (#12-18), Yellow (#14-18) and olive (#18-20)
Parachute patterns in these colors are effective too as they can be taken as spinners, duns or even emergers.
If a feeding fish doesn't take your fly but continues to rise switch to a smaller size and then change color.

Seven-day forecast 

Hopefully some rain on monday and tuesday to help recharge river. Temps in the 80s this week with cool evenings should make for pleasant morning and evening fishing.

Must Have Flies 
Sulphur Parachute Yellow #14-18 Buy from
Holy Grail Olive / Hares Ear #12-16 Buy from
Travis Para Ant Black #14-18 Buy from
Light Cahill #14-16 Buy from
E.C. Caddis Olive #16 Buy from
RS2 Sulphur #16-18 Buy from
Orvis Manchester

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