Tip of the week 

Most insect activity and best dry fly fishing will be just before dark or early morning. Probably the last of the Cahills, some BWOs have been catching fish at dusk on cloudy cooler days.
During the afternoon your best bet will most likely be dead drifting or slowly swinging nymphs. If you insist on dries and black ant or small olive or tan caddis may bring an opportunistic strike from a hungry trout.
If you're fishing mornings seek out some of the river's slower runs with sandy bottoms for the Trico mayflies that have just begun their month long hatch. These tiny (#20-24) flies require fine 7-8x tippets and careful drag free drifts.

try swinging a traditional wet fly, caddis pupa imitation, or soft hackle wet through riffles and heads of pools. A great way to imitate drifting and emerging caddis and effective way to cover water.

Seven-day forecast 

Hot weather this week will bring water temps up. Fish early morning for best bet and give trout a break from heat.

Must Have Flies 
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