Tip of the week 

Look to deeper holding water if you're fishing in the afternoon. Fish will be holding very tight to heads of pools, cut banks and and other cover in this low water. Tempt these fish with a streamer or small caddis twitched as it drifts by a promising lie.

Seven-day forecast 

Rain in the forecast will improve conditions and help fish move to their spawning areas.

Must Have Flies 
Blue Winged Olive #18-24 Buy from
Bead Head American Pheasant Tail Brown #14-20 Buy from
Snowshoe Spinner Olive #18-20 Buy from
Moto's Minnow Brown #6-8 Buy from
E.C. Caddis Cream #16/18 Buy from
Zonker Olive / White #6 Buy from
Orvis Manchester

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