Tip of the week 

The general season is over but don't hang up your gear yet. Some big fish are taken every year in the NY Special Regs section in November and December.

Dry fly fishing will continue to slow as water temps drop. Sporadic midge, BWO and black caddis hatches can happen through the winter but fish tend to focus on nymphs and emergers.
Dead drifting your beadhead nymphs, eggs and even streamers "low and slow" is your best bet. Try a weighted stonefly or Prince nymph with an egg for a dropper.

Great time of year to work big streamers for large hungry fish. Cast to bank and strip or swim your fly around holding structure. A good 3-4" streamer is not too big this time of the season. You will want a sink tip line or poly leader to keep your fly down in the strike zone.

Seven-day forecast 

Rain in the forecast bring levels up. Make sure you use enough shot/putty or beadheads to get your nymphs down. If you're fishing streamers a sinking line will be your friend.

Must Have Flies 
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