Tip of the week 

Efficient casting. Everything in the salt happens fast, so it's about being ready!
Teamwork with your guide - be sure to clearly communicate expectations.

Seven-day forecast 

Had some rain today but the East winds are coming and clearing for the coming week.
Twelve boats went out today and Tarpon on the fly, Bone fish on the fly and snook!
were caught.
Sun tomorrow and the boats will head back out. plenty of fish! bring your camera!


FISHING REPORT: November 20th - November 26h, 2016

Weather: Partly cloudy half of the week with cloudy and rainy for the other half.

Winds: The same 5-20 mph out of the West, East. North and the South East!

Air Temps: 82 to 86 degrees with lows between 68 and 79 degrees

Water Temperature: 80 ยบ F. Barometer: 1010-1018 mbar

Moon phase: The last quarter moon was on November 14th Sunrise 6:05 am Sunset: 5:19 pm


Bonefish (Macabi): Bonefish did their best to uphold their reputation as a guaranteed catch here at El Pescador. Of the dozen anglers that went out all of them succeeded with bonefish; with many first ever bonefish coming to the hands of our guests. No big bones this week but one boat did report 23 fish one day. They found a large school that kept cooperating.

Permit (Palometta): Our sole permit award went to Scott G. who angled his way to his first permit that turned out to be the only one of the week!

Tarpon (Sabalo): The Tarpon fishermen/women faired a little better with Chris Z and his family getting into the tarpon action, Mark landed a Silver King, and Cody followed suit with a fun fight with a tarpon. There were many other encounters with these great fish but no others resulted in landed fish.

Other Species: Snook, Cudas, Snappers, Ladyfish

Grand Slam: No Grand Slam action this week.

Flies that worked:
Bonefish: Christmas Island Special, Gotcha, and many others
Permit: Mantis shrimp
Tarpon: White toad, green toad.

Week Summary: Thanksgiving was the theme of the week here at the lodge with 75 of us at Thanksgiving dinner. It was more family time than fishing time, with just a few boats heading out during the week. The weather was poor for several days making the fishing tougher than normal.

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