Tip of the week 

Efficient casting. Everything in the salt happens fast, so it's about being ready!
Teamwork with your guide - be sure to clearly communicate expectations.

Seven-day forecast 

Had some rain today but the East winds are coming and clearing for the coming week.
Twelve boats went out today and Tarpon on the fly, Bone fish on the fly and snook!
were caught.
Sun tomorrow and the boats will head back out. plenty of fish! bring your camera!


FISHING REPORT: Week of November 15th - 22nd, 2014

Weather: The week started with scattered thunderstorms then went to four days of pouring rain ending in a postcard perfect sunny day!.

Winds: ESE 5 - 10, then N 5-15, NNE 5 - 10, E5 - 10.

Air Temps: Mid 80's for the High. High 70's, for the lows.

Water Temperature: 78 - 82 F.

Moon phase: New Moon the 22nd


Bonefish (Macabi): We welcomed back our "Orvis Bonanza" anglers this week. Jack,Charles, Mark, Sean, Matt, Mark, Will and Jack - nice going. It was pouring rain and you made it happen. We welcomed back Will. Will landed 30 bonefish on fly in a little over an hour with Captain Emir. Maggie from Orivs Travel, we salute you on your first bonefish on fly! Peter, "primo" fly casting instructor, we were thrilled to see you here bonefishing with your group. Amazing leadership from Joseph and Peter with the group, thank you. Krista, thank you for your positive attitude and I'm glad you landed some of our Belizean bonefish. I know they are not as big as your Florida bones, but ya gotta say, we do have a lot of them, right?
A special treat for me, I fished with Jessica McGlothin who works as a writer at Orvis. Jessica is a young strong fly angler and was thrilled to land her first bonefish on fly this week. We fished with Captain Jr. who showed Jessica what is needed in a saltwater cast. I know we will see Jessica back here fly fishing Belizean waters.

Permit (Palometta): Jim from "Catcher and the Fly," landed 2 permit on fly before 7:30 am with Captain Emir and Gordy. See our El Pescador facebook page for some of these beauties. These fish were included in his "week slam!"
Captain Scott Owens was fishing with Krista - both avid fly anglers from the Florida Keys. The luck exploded when they partnered up with Captain Alex. Day number one, Mr. Permit was landed - a nice 15 lb beauty. This is where the luck started...

Tarpon (Sabalo): And then, Captain Alex put Scott on a few tarpon. This lead to his slam! Two days after the slam, in the pouring rain, Captain Alex saw a tarpon roll as they took shelter a lobster shack. Alex yelled, "tarpon!" Scott was on it. They jumped 26 tarpon on fly and landed 6! It was nothing short of epic. The fly, a black one. Dark day, dark fly? And we are thrilled Joseph Pinkard landed his two tarpon with Captain Emir. Jumped 4, landed 2. And then Jim from "Catcher and the Fly," landed 2 from the 4 he jumped with Captain Emir and Gordy. On Saturday, Justin went out with Captain Luis. They said, "one more pass..." and landed a beautiful tarpon. And special note! Mike was here last week. We were so excited to see him and get to know his lovely wife Jenny, that I forgot to mention his tarpon. Mike jumped 9 tarpon with Captain Jr, and landed one. Congratulations to all of our tarpon anglers.

Other Species: The barracuda fishing right now is off the charts. With the mix up of weather, they hang right in there. Barracuda on fly or spin is really fun. Cuda, jacks, snapper - all landed on fly and spin this week.

Grand Slam: November is a slam month around here at El Pescador. Congratulations to Captain Scott Owens for his slam with Captain Alex on November 15th. We are thrilled for both of you. The weather was challenging but you made it happen!

Flies that worked:

Bonefish: Christmas Island specials in orange, pearl and pink - size 8. Gotchas and Crazie Charlies in size 8 with weed guards, small tan crabs in size 8.
Permit: Peterson's Spawning Shrimp in size 4, Avalon's size 2, Floating tan crabs size 4, Christmas Island Specials in size 4, Gotcha's in size 4. (We use a lot of shrimp patterns, stripped, for our permit).
Tarpon: Chartreuse bunny, Black Death, Tan bunny, White toads. Size 2/0 and 3/0.

Week Summary: We know that weather does as it wishes. We had some serious rain this week, but this did not dampen the spirit of our anglers. I mean it poured, and the guides said, "let's go!" They went out with a prayer and their anglers came back drenched and smiling. A big shout out to Jim, "Catcher on the Fly," - he landed his slam over the week. He was beyond excited. See photos. And Scott, all we can say is, "wow!" Congratulations on your first slam and the epic tarpon fishing. Nice work Krista on video and stills! And to all who participated in the Orvis Bonanza week, thank you. As I said when you were awarded your bonefish pins - you made lemonade out of lemons. This is the spirit that shares our sport. Thank you.

Guide of the week: It's a tie. We have to award Captain Alex again this week for the amazing fly fishing experience provided for Captain Scott and Krista. Off the charts! And Captain Emir and Gordy - a team that leaves anglers dreaming for more - provided Jim and Joseph with great tarpon and permit fishing. For this, we thank you.

Fish On!
Lori-Ann Murphy

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