Tip of the week 

Efficient casting. Everything in the salt happens fast, so it's about being ready!
Teamwork with your guide - be sure to clearly communicate expectations.

Seven-day forecast 

Had some rain today but the East winds are coming and clearing for the coming week.
Twelve boats went out today and Tarpon on the fly, Bone fish on the fly and snook!
were caught.
Sun tomorrow and the boats will head back out. plenty of fish! bring your camera!


FISHING REPORT: Weeks of January 3rd - 11th, 2015

Weather: The week started with abundant sunshine with a few cloudy spells. Then a cold front from the north came in and mixed up the weather with periods of hard rain, clouds and sun breaks.

Winds: E 10 - 20, NE 10 - 20.

Air Temps: 70 - 83 F.

Water Temperature: 74 - 76 F.

Moon phase: Full moon on the 5th.


Bonefish (Macabi): Captain Cinoeh, Captain Luis and Captain Jr. have all remarked that they have seen some big bonefish this week. A 5 pound bonefish for us here on Ambergris Caye is giant! We are hoping it is because of the "catch and release" practice, which is law, here in Belize. Tan seems to be the magic color, and a slow...retrieve. Fast stripping just spooks them and off they go! It was wonderful to see Alison and Reeves here again! They brought their family and they all landed bonefish on the fly. Bragging rights, just saying. Norman, Norman, Makenzie, Katie and Maury...way to go! We look forward to seeing you in the future chasing our bonefish with your fly rods. Luke and Jen had some excellent bonefishing and they were awarded their pins. If you catch a bonefish here on fly or spin, you are awarded a pin the night before you leave. Andy and Kim both received pins, as did Ryan and Adrianna! Of course we are partial to our father daughter teams - it was a pleasure to see Jay teach his daughters about casting on the dock. We took over - always a good thing, and they really enjoyed themselves! Katie went out with her dad the next day and landed her first bonefish on the fly. Wow! Wenke and Mike also landed their first bonefish on the fly. They wore their pins proudly back to the freezing Chicago weather. And I know Russell was planning on fishing on his own, but when his daughter Brita said she wanted to go fishing - he was thrilled. Brita was so excited to land her first bonefish!

Permit (Palometta): It was more of a tarpon week. Let the East wind bring back our permit to the flats! Wait, news flash! Captain Alex just walked in the door to announce that Dale landed a nice 15lb permit on live crab. Yay!

Tarpon (Sabalo): The tarpon fishing this week was, "like you read about." Flat out beautiful conditions on Savannah for a few days. The water color was slightly off, but the bite was on! Most everyone was using 40 and 50 lb shock with small, 3/0 light colored flies. Tan sparkle was working, so was white. Jake said, "My goal is to have my wife land a tarpon." Jake Grove and his lovely wife Katie went out with Captain Emir at 5 am and "got er done!" Katie landed her first tarpon on fly! Jake had several eats from the great shots he was able to make to the fish. Like 80 ft shots that landed in the bucket. He had action all day long. Mark was super excited fishing with Captain Jr. They went out the first day, landed a nice tarpon on fly, then went out and did it again! Then, Luke went out with Captain Jr. and he landed a nice tarpon on fly. And a big yahoo to Jay - who landed his first tarpon on fly this week with Captain Alex. Way to go.

Other Species: Barracuda, jacks, snapper and snook. The tides kept the fish out from the mangroves, so angler's had good shots at snook on fly and spin.

Grand Slam: No slams this week. I guess it wouldn't be so special if it happened all the time, right?

Flies that worked:

Bonefish: Christmas Island specials in orange, pearl and pink - size 8. Gotchas and Crazie Charlies in size 8 with weed guards, small tan crabs in size 8.
Permit: Peterson's Spawning Shrimp in size 4, Avalon's size 2, Floating tan crabs size 4, Christmas Island Specials in size 4, Gotcha's in size 4. (We use a lot of shrimp patterns, stripped, for our permit).
Tarpon: Chartreuse bunny, Black Death, Tan bunny, White toads. Size 2/0 and 3/0.

Week Summary: Alison and Reeves, congratulations on your marriage! And thank you for bringing your family to El Pescador for your fishing vacation. May your marriage bring you many fabulous fish! Jay and Amy - thank you for bringing your beautiful daughters, Katie and Abby. I know the guys around here are going to miss their beautiful smiles and fun laughter. Jay - I know you are a doc, but tarpon fever never goes away! And of course we love our friends from Cutthroat Anglers in Colorado. Jim and Kouri it is always a pleasure to see you here. Visit more often! Cutthroat Anglers will be hosting a trip in October - give them a buzz and join in the fun!

Guide of the week: Drum roll........The guide of the week goes to Captain Jr! Jr. is responsible for Mark's two tarpon on fly and Luke's tarpon on fly this week. That's a hand shake that will keep your anglers grinning this 2015. Gracias!

Fish On!
Lori-Ann Murphy

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