Tip of the week 

Efficient casting. Everything in the salt happens fast, so it's about being ready!
Teamwork with your guide - be sure to clearly communicate expectations.

Seven-day forecast 

Had some rain today but the East winds are coming and clearing for the coming week.
Twelve boats went out today and Tarpon on the fly, Bone fish on the fly and snook!
were caught.
Sun tomorrow and the boats will head back out. plenty of fish! bring your camera!


FISHING REPORT: September 4th - September 10th, 2016

Weather: Pretty good weather all week, a few less clouds would have been nice

Winds: 0-10 mph mostly from the east early in the week, switching to NW towards the end of the week

Air Temps: 85 to 90 degrees with lows between 77 and 80 degrees

Water Temperature: 81 ยบ F. Barometric Pressure: 29.87 - 30.02

Moon phase: The first quarter moon was on September 9th Sunrise: 5:35 am Sunset: 6:01 pm


Bonefish (Macabi): Denver, Hugh, Bill, Mona, Jessica, Casey and others were able to add bonefish to their list of species pretty much the first day, maybe even the first hour they went fishing! Without a doubt all 30 other guests this week landed some numbers as well. The bonefishing was very reliable but the clam weather seduced many folks into pursuing tarpon and permit, resisting bonefish till the later part of the day. Our big bone of the week was right off the dock a solid 4 pounds.

Permit (Palometta): There were also a few permit caught right off our dock this week, as well as in many of the skiffs that tried. John and Mike both landed permit early in the week with Rick grabbing one on his own with a little DIY fishing, Bill got three ( he corrected me when I got excited and said " you caught a permit today? He replied " No, I caught 3!" He added more later in the week as well! John Z. and John H. each got at least one permit to the boat,

Tarpon (Sabalo): Mark, started off the week with a nice tarpon and some big ones were hooked and lost ( sorry Don about losing that big one, but at least you had another tarpon to the boat to ease your mind a little.). The biggest landed was about 80 pounds, Kent got a beauty, returning guest Wade got his first tarpon ever this week. Cass was extremely proud of her beastly tarpon, John z did a great job with his fish, and of course our grand slammers - Greg, John and Hugh got tarpon to complete their legendary days.

Grand Slam: Congratulations to John for a Grand Slam to start off the week! He was on cloud nine never even dreaming this may be possible for him. Wohooo! Our friend Hugh was able to soft slam (we count that over a whole week), day one he got his first bonefish, day 3 his fist permit and day 4 a tarpon. Greg from NRA Outdoors landed a permit , bonefish and tarpon during his stay with us ( returning after a visit eight years ago.)

Other Species:

Flies that worked:
Bonefish: Christmas Island Specials, Crazy Charlie tans, micro-crabs, bitters
Permit: Camo crab, Bauer crab, Squimp, Peterson spawning shrimp, mantis shrimp
Tarpon: White bunny, Orange cockroach, purple toad, White toad,

Week Summary:

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Must Have Flies 
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