Tip of the week 

Efficient casting. Everything in the salt happens fast, so it's about being ready!
Teamwork with your guide - be sure to clearly communicate expectations.

Seven-day forecast 

Had some rain today but the East winds are coming and clearing for the coming week.
Twelve boats went out today and Tarpon on the fly, Bone fish on the fly and snook!
were caught.
Sun tomorrow and the boats will head back out. plenty of fish! bring your camera!


FISHING REPORT: Weeks of June 7th - June 13th, 2015

Weather: Overcast and windy was the reality most of the week with a few well-deserved breaks here and there.

Winds: Winds were gusty and too high most of the week in the 15-20mpjhh range mostly out of the east but a few days out of the north. We tend not to like those north winds as it draws all the water out of the bay and flats between the reef and the island and gives us less leeward shores to fish.

Air Temps: Highs are in the mid to upper 80's, lows in the mid 70's.

Water Temperature: 80-81 F. Barometric Pressure: 29.79 - 29.95

Moon phase: The last quarter moon was on June 9nth. Sunrise: 5:17 am Sunset: 6:24pm


Bonefish (Macabi); Bonefishing always seems to be good here at El Pescador. Brian, Truel, Jimmy , Ray, Dan, Jim. Jeff, Ken, Lew, Jerry, Steve Pat, proved this to be true. These were but a few of the successful bonefishers who visited the lodge this week. Coleen was most improved of the week and tried out her newly learned skills on the bonefish. (Successfully I might add!)

Permit (Palometta): Glenn (landed 2) and Truel (landed 1) were the permit masters this week, Steve hooked one but alas it wasn't to be.

Tarpon (Sabalo):. Kea was the first in the week to crack the tarpon's secret code and landed a nice tarpon, Jack got a beauty on his first day of fishing. Kelli got in on the action with another tarpon added to the list, William hooked the biggest of the week but lost her after 30 minutes. Boddy, Jay. Dan, Jeff hooked a few poons that also escaped at the last second. Kea and Jack ended up with 3 tarpon between them, all in the migratory classes of 70-100 pounds.

Grand Slam:

Other Species: Snapper, Jacks, Barracudas, Shad, ladyfish, some snook for Lew and Pat

Flies that worked:
Bonefish: Christmas Island Special, spawning gotcha, simram
Permit: CI Special,
Tarpon: Black Death, Olive toad, black bunny, Whistler

Week Summary: Another great Orvis group trip led by Joe from Orvis Travel with everyone getting some good fishing time in despite some windy and overcast conditions. Tarpon fishing was pretty darn good for those who didn't mind doing some blind casting.

Fish On!


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