Bennett Spring State Park

Tip of the week 

There are many options to fish at Bennett. If you like to dry fly fish, zone 1 offers many great opportunities. Zone 1 also has good water to fish a sinking fly line with streamer patterns or crackleback. There are a lot of fisherman using midge patterns and fishing them 24-30 inches under an indicator.

Zone 2 is a great zone to nymph fish or to fish dry patterns in the lower section. Small dry patterns have been most effective

Seven-day forecast 

Temps in the lower 90s. Water is up 8 inches and dropping

Gray RGN pattern working extremely well . Olive Copper Hot Shots

Small Renegades and Griffiths Gnats are also working well

Must Have Flies 
Light Cahill cream 18-20 Buy from
Woolly Bugger olive - black 8 - 12 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis Tan - Cream 16 - 18 Buy from
Pale Morning Dun Thorax cream to olive 16-20 Buy from
Rojo Midge black 14 - 16 Buy from
Bead Head Flash Bugger Olive 8-10 Buy from
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