Big Gunpowder Falls River

Tip of the week 

Patience and presentation! Work on the drag-less drift! Mending and attention to details are best when the flows are lower. Make sure that you wade and move in the water with stealth.

Seven-day forecast 

The fish are there and they will come up.
BWO's have been seen on overcast and not-so-overcast days. Streamers will effective through the month. Midges are also working well. Be Patient and work efficiently!!

Must Have Flies 
Woolly Bugger Black, olive 8-12 Buy from
Midge Red 18-22 Buy from
Gold Bead Hare's Ear Nymph Natural 18-24 Buy from
Premium Trout Selection 12-16 Buy from
Blue Winged Olive 18-24 Buy from
Indicator Beetle Any 16-20 Buy from
Great Feathers

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