Bighorn River

Tip of the week 

Dry fly fishing what is left is best done from up stream from the fish, presenting the fly as a dead drift. Nymph fishing below indicators with 9?-4X leaders (Orvis Superstrong # KM0714-61) 2-BB split shot seems to be the right weight. Orvis' Heliios Rod with it's strong backbone, is really handling these bigger fish very well. I prefer the Helios 6 weight. (ZG Helios 906-4 Tip 9.5)

Seven-day forecast 

Warm weather with light winds! 50's and 60''s this week. Start looking for improved dry fly fishing later in the mornings through afternoon. Midges and BWO's are getting active.

Must Have Flies 
Rouse's J-Dub Sow Bug black 16,18 Buy from
I Can See It Midge Fly olive/yellow 18,20 Buy from
Conehead Rubber Bugger , black 10,12 Buy from
Brass Cone Head Woolly Bugger 18,20 Buy from
Quasimodo Pheasant Tail Black 16,18 Buy from
Conehead Bunny Muddler Black 10 Buy from
Forrester's Bighorn River Resort

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