Blagdon Lake

Tip of the week 

Blagdon is a lake that responds really well to nymphs fished slowly. Diawl bachs are the "fly-of-the-lake" and in its many varieties will usually get a few fish. Buzzers also do well. As the season moves on, dry flies become more significant as a fly to put on the end. Lures such as blobs and boobies are always worth a go when the trout are not responsive to the nymphs! Long leaders are usually required (but not too long with the dry fly!) and a decent fluorocarbon is helpful - especially early season when you need to get down. Look to shallower areas and off the weedbeds later in the year.

Seven-day forecast 

When the wind eased for about ten minutes only at about eight forty-five there were plenty of fish up. Unfortunately the cold wind all day kept the fish from rising. The hatch of insects was huge and we watched the largest number of swifts, swallows and martins mopping these small creatures as they hatched. We also watched a male hobby feeding on the buzzers, a great sight! Fish were not very deep in the water especially in the afternoon. Hopefully the forecast, which suggests strong winds all week may prove to be wrong. Try washing line with black buzzers in any shallow area of the lake.

Must Have Flies 
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Martin Cottis

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