12/11/13 Meeting Minutes


December 11, 2013 ALCTU board meeting minutes

Location: Corner Pocket, Portage, WI

Meeting called to order 6:05 p.m.


1.)            Tying Class: Committee Chairperson Mike Stapleton presented the list of committee members, location, dates and times of classes. Past and possible patterns to teach were discussed. Stapleton requested printed flyers for library system distribution and posting. Secretary Tom Gawle will print and supply 20 flyers to Mike. Vice President Todd Franklin will send tying class news releases to chapter’s newspaper resources. Todd suggested the chapter also use local radio show announcements, which he as done in the past. Mike Stapleton will begin to decide on flies, sources of materials, materials and instructors with the input of the committee. It will also be a topic for the newsletter.

2.)            Updated Google Group Mail Addresses: President Mike Barniskis stated the correct e-mail address for Board Member Dave Murphy has been updated for group mailings. Dave Murphy confirmed he successfully received group mailings recently. Tom Gawle will also make the change in the upcoming newsletter.

3.)            ALCTU State Banquet Donation: Tom Gawle offered to donate a recently completed watercolor painting, matted and framed on behalf of the chapter. Members attending were willing to accept this offer. Tom’s only request is that the minimum bid be listed as $300 due to the worth of the painting (approx $750) and because it is part of a series of paintings Tom is pulling it out of. Mike Barniskis offered to check with the state banquet prize/raffle committee to learn if this would be possible. Mike Stapleton also offered ideas of donations, a selection of the new Driftless Ale or a Wollersheim wine selection. The meeting attendees thought these were good alternatives. Mike Stapleton and Board Member, Tim Hood would look further into these options.

4.)            ALCTU State Banquet Fly Box: All are encouraged to tie flies and donate them to the box. Mike Stapleton asked how many were needed. An amount between 100 and 125 was recommended by Mike Barniskis and Tom Gawle. A selection of dries, nymphs and terrestrials was discussed. Mike Stapleton was asked to write a request in the newsletter for chapter members to tie and donate.

5.)            ALCTU new website: Board Member Scott Allen reported that a new ALCTU website is officially up and running. He and Mike Barniskis will coordinate to have the old website redirect to the new. Scott Allen and Tom Gawle will coordinate an announcement in the up coming newsletter. The Board will encourage all ALCTU members to join the site as members/users. Scott explained that he is still on the “bug” committee and stated that there are many chapter-specific features but because it is connected to the TU national website, it is a deep and wide information source for all TU members. Scott asked the Board to join soon, experience the features -- like the calendar, posting pictures and video content, distribution of announcements and ability to blog.

6.)            Bear 2013 Financials: Mike Barniskis presented and explained the to-date costs for 2013 (Sprecher property restoration), which has been completed. A couple of “changes” in the “order” were explained. The most important was a “missed” turtle hibernacula. Mike reported NRCS, Tony Pillow has made that adjustment in the NRCS system and NRCS monies are now pending payment. NRCS payments will no longer be made directly to contractors so NRCS monies will most likely be paid to Sprecher who will send it to Holz, who will send it to ALCTU for payment to TU National (to line of credit) through Jeff Hastings. Tom Gawle made a motion to approve the payment of $22,252.00 (ALCTU contributed monies) to TU National (to line of credit) with a second from Mike Stupich. The motion was passed by voice vote and all are in favor. Tom Gawle was asked by Mike Barniskis to issue an invoice to Sauk County for a remaining $8,536.00 in costs. $1,678.91 remains on the books from the Alliant grant.

7.)            Bear 2014: Tom Gawle updated the board on progress on the Bolz property. Brent Bergstrom, Sauk County reported to Tom that the construction plans have not been completed. Brent is waiting for better weather (and no deer hunters) to complete the on-site survey. After the completion of the plans, they will be submitted to the State and Army Corp of Engineers for permits. Mike Barniskis stated that the WDNR is addressing the slow turnaround of permits from the Corp. Funding from NRCS, $178,000 and Sauk Co, $20,000 should cover 2014 but we will ask Holz to follow estimates on rock totals. This cost is a flexible component and needs to be managed. Tom Gawle commented that ALCTU needs to manage the LUNKER wood as well. The wood purchased by Holz in 2013 was not up to grade. Scott mentioned a possible alternative saw mill, Riverside Saw Mill in Muscoda, WI.

8.)            Bear Temperature Loggers: In August 2013 with DNR guidance and Alliant funding, ALCTU installed seven water temperature monitors in the Bear Creek system, starting at sites above Croal Road and ending below Hwy N. They were removed prior to winter, in November. Tom Gawle stated he would like to get them back in during low and clear water conditions, sometime in April of 2014. Tom will write a newsletter article regarding the loggers, volunteers and SWIMS monitoring to begin in 2014.

9.)            Bear 2015: After the Bolz property restoration is complete, ALCTU can move restoration efforts elsewhere in the watershed.  Barniskis reported that the Olsen farm near Croal Road is for sale due to an unexpected death in the family. This property was a consideration for improvement. Other possibilities are McCarville, Biser or Croal creeks. Tom Gawle recommended that we discuss these with Brent Bergstrom, Sauk County before too long and that the focus should be on Brook Trout.

10.)         The Board discussed the upcoming newsletter. A number of articles were assigned. Dave Murphy asked if we can have a website drop box for members to drop off content. Tom mentioned we do/did have a Google Groups site for the board to add to and access. Dave is thinking it might be good to have something like this for all members.

11.)         Westby Workshop April 12-13: Mike Barniskis stated he has been involved in agenda development for a TU state-run workshop this spring. Three topics being considered are Membership Recruitment, Basic Grant Writing, Advanced Grant Writing. In addition to Mike taking part, he is recommending Tom Gawle as well. Tom hoped that means more off the cuff involvement rather than going thru the effort of developing a formal presentation.

12.)         Workdays 2014: Scott and Todd have contacted Dan Fuller and Nate Nye on recommendations. Fuller initially suggested working on Manley and Honey creeks. Scott stated he had reservations for Honey because he understands the damn on Honey is plugged at the bottom and is releasing warm water over the top. Much discussion involved months of year, seasons (fall) locations and one day for LUNKERs on Bear. The Board was told that the DNR is finishing the Lodi site the Chapter started last year. Todd and Scott will firm up locations and dates with the WDNR.

13.)         Not on the agenda: Board discussion on having regular (or at least a few) chapter member meetings with a venue each year. This will continue to be an ongoing agenda item.

14.)         Mudsnails: This is a topic the Chapter needs info on as the issue unfolds and we are all, at this stage, standing by for more news.

15.)         The meeting was adjourned after several beers were consumed by all, about 8:15.


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