March 5, 2014 ALCTU board meeting minutes

Location: Corner Pocket, Portage, WI

Meeting called to order 6:05 p.m.

Recorded by Tom Gawle, Secretary


1.)            Election of all officers: Passed by voice vote, all are in favor, Tom Gawle made motion with a second by Dave Murphy to elect Mike Barniskis as ALCTU President, Vice President, Scott Allen, Secretary, Tom Gawle, Treasurer, Mike Stupich

2.)            Election of two board members: Passed by voice vote, all are in favor, Tom Gawle made motion with a second by Dave Murphy to elect Tim Hood and Todd Franklin to the ALCTU Board Members.

3.)            2014 Tying class report: Committee Chairperson Mike Stapleton reported to the chapter members the success of the classes. Each week there were 12 to 16 students, about 1/3 were youth. $ donations by the students after week five were almost $200. The ALCTU Treasurer will deposit $ in checking account. Dave Murphy was reimbursed for his materials expenses. Stapleton is suggesting the classes be held in Portage again in 2015 and as he did this year, extend the classes to a sixth week to allow for a make-up class for anyone that missed part of the course.

4.)            Trout Stamp Print Available @ $50.00: The board and officers decided to pass on this offer.

5.)            Library Subscriptions for TROUT: The idea of providing the magazine to local libraries was discussed. The board and officers decided to pass on this offer.

6.)            Spring Outdoor Adventure Show: The chapter has been offered free booth/table space to put up information about ALCTU and TU March 23, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center, Baraboo. Scott Allen, Tom Gawle, Mike Stupich and Mike Stapleton offered to help with this.

7.)            Sprecher Financials: All monies from NRCS have been received and TU/Jeff Hastings has been paid for the funds TU covered during the wait.

8.)            Bolz easement info: Road to  stream access remains to be an issue on the four-plus miles of restored stream. ALCTU will continue to push WDNR to resolve some of the “in the works” access possibilities. For the future, ALCTU will be more resolved to have answers about access/parking buttoned up before monies are released. The members at the meeting did discuss the new easement initiative started recently by the WDNR.

9.)            2015 Restoration Plans: ALCTU has received 50% of the restoration plans for the Bolz stretch. Tom Gawle will send them out to the board and officers. Plans for this stretch have been completed by Brent Bergstrom. Plans for the other half is being worked on by Tony Pillow, NRCS. Funding for 2015 seems to be complete.

10.)         LUNKER wood: Holz Lime is aware of the request by ALCTU to provide raw wood closer to spec for the 2015 lunker day, June 21.

11.)         Lodi Spring Creek monitoring has ended. The Friends of Lodi committee and WDNR has begun a long term/future plan for the creek. Two WAV monitoring sites have been identified on Bear. Tom and Sally Gawle will monitor one of these at least in 2015. ALCTU is looking for a second team to take on the second site. The WAV kits will be updated and the loggers will be installed in the stream in either March or April, depending on weather and water levels.

12.)         Chapter news for Wistrout: Mike Barniskis will put together a chapter report. It is due March 10th. Mike Stapleton will write up a fly tying class report, too.

13.)         Summer Picnic: Mike Stupich confirmed Haberman’s Park is reserved for June 18. The chapter is looking to form a picnic committee. Todd Franklin offered to find additional volunteers for the committee. Eric Lorenzen will not provide his famous smoked, pulled pork this year. Mike Stupich and Tom Gawle will work on the begging letter. The chapter members will be called upon to find prize and raffle donations for the picnic. So far the chapter has a “ready to fish” Sage 2wt. rod, a sized Orvis reel, line and a couple dozen flies as one major raffle prize. A second offering is a hand-made John Beth knife.

14.)         Workdays 2014: Dates for three workdays have been published and locked in. Manley, April 16th. Honey, May 17th and Bear LUNKERS June 21. ALCTU has been invited to join other groups for a lunch at the barn on Manley on April 16th. Contact is Linda Lynch. Sprayers will be repaired or replaced.

15.)         Spring Newsletter: If possible, release and mail before first workday.

16.)         The meeting was adjourned at about 8:00 pm.




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