Anglers speak up for Rio Grande del Norte

Nick Streit, owner of Taos Fly Shop, has long been an outspoken advocate for wild things and wild places. And lately, that effort has been re-doubled. Check it out:

My wife gave me a Stimulator for Valentine’s Day this year. No — that isn’t something X-rated. It is a fly for catching trout. I’m eager to take it out on the Rio Grande this spring for a day of big sky, big fish and solitude.

Protecting the Rio Grande Gorge makes this adventure possible. This area of Northern New Mexico is a national treasure and a paradise for fisher-folk. There is something magical about the hushed slip of your fly across the water. My 4-year-old daughter, Taylor, has already experienced it — she caught her first trout there. Thousands of tourists have, too.

Take a look at his letter to the editor about designating the Rio Grande del Norte as a national monument in the Santa Fe New Mexican


said on Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The climb down to the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge is well worth the trip. Back In the late 90's while my wife was visiting her son in Chine i packed up the dogs and made the trip up from Albuquerque. I had fished several different rivers throughout Northern New Mexico. Once I reached the bottom of the more than 600 ft. decent I found a green jewel flowing among huge car sized basalt boulders. There were several pockets among the boulders that provided perfect holding places for eager football sized browns. I thought I had the whole river to myself and was thoroughly enjoying the solitude when my large golden retriever (Browning) signaled another presence. The other fisherman and I greeted and introduced ourselves. His name has disappeared with the memory fogged by age. He and I exchanged pleasantries and experience. He explained that he was there researching a book he was writing about Rivers of the West. He asked if he could include a picture of me fishing in the Rio Grande. I saw no problem with that and went back to my fishing as he moved on.
I camped to for one night at the rim and fished again the next day and returned to the realities of work and life. My wife enjoys camping but I was never able to get her to return with me to the Rio Grande. Some years later we left New Mexico for the trout man’s nirvana, Montana. A few years later while fishing the Green River in Utah I visited a local fly shop and saw a book about fishing the rivers of the West and opened it to see a photo of me from behind there fishing among the boulders in the Rio Grande.
The northern Rio Grande is a jewel worth preservation. But the encroachment of development along the rim is a concern.


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