Kids Fishing Camp Application

Wisconsin Trout Unlimited

Youth Fishing Camp Application

All applicants must be between the ages of 12 to 16


Name of Sponsoring Chapter: ___________________________________________________


Chapter Contact Person: _______________________________ Phone: _________________


Name of Applicant: ___________________________________  Male:_____  Female: _____


Address: _______________________________________  City: ________________________


State: ______  Zip: ____________ Phone: _________________________________________


Age: ____________ E-Mail: _____________________________________________________


Person to contact in case of an emergency:


Name: _________________________  Phone: _______________________________________




Each Trout Unlimited Chapter can sponsor one applicant to the Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Youth Fishing Camp.  It is up to the chapter to select the applicant based on their knowledge of the applicant and the applicants desire to learn more about trout fishing and related topics. It is the chapters responsibility to publicize, interview, and select a qualified candidate.  If a chapter is not able to sponsor an applicant, chapters can sponsor a second applicant if room is available. There will be one chaperone assigned to each group of 6 to 7 students.


Transportation:  It will be up to the parent or guardian to arrange for transportation to and from the camp.  This can be done by the parent or by a member of the chapter with the written authorization of the parent.


The camp outline and schedule of events is based on the weather and other factors and may change based on conditions and time availability. The intent is to provide the student with and introductory education of as many things as possible related to trout fishing, sportsmanship, and conservation issues.


Wisconsin Trout Unlimited will supply all needed tackle and supplies, but we need to know if the student or chapter could provide the following because of differences in size.


Waders or hip boots:   _____ Yes   _____ No


If you need waders, please indicate approximate size wader needed or measurements below:          

Size of Waders Needed: _________                         Height _________ Foot Size _______


said on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Wisconsin Trout Unlimited

2014 Youth Fishing Camp


The 2014 WITU Youth Fishing Camp will be held at Pine Lake Camp, located between Waupaca and Wild Rose, Wisconsin.  It is open to youth between the ages of 12 and 16.  The camp will run from 3:00pm on Thursday, July 24th, to Noon on Sunday, July 27.  Each TU Chapter in Wisconsin will be given the opportunity to sponsor one child to the camp and it will be on a first come first serve until we reach the maximum capacity of 20 kids.  Estimated cost to sponsor a child to the camp is $250 which will include all lodging, meals, and materials.  This can be paid by the chapter or the parents.


Each child is expected to bring suitable clothing to include hats, jacket, sun glasses, sun screen, insect repellent and personal hygiene products. A liability release will be provided and must be signed by the parent or guardian.  It would also be helpful, but not required to bring a pair of waders.  The rods, reels, and all other tackle will be provided, included flies, spinners, and live bait.


The purpose of the camp is to help the kids develop the necessary skills for fresh water fishing of trout and other species such as panfish, using conventional tackle such as spin fishing equipment and/or fly rods and reels.

There will also be an emphasis on fishing safety, ethics, and sportsmanship as well as the good conservation practices.


Schedule of Activities

Thursday, July 24

3:00-4:00pm Arrival & Check In

4:00pm - Orientation, Introductions, Go over

rules, schedule of events, safety requirements. Also check on equipment brought an equipment still needed.

5:30pm - Supper

6:15pm - Get Acquainted, talk about past fishing experiences.

7:00pm - Go over Fridays schedule

7:30pm - Teach knot tying

8:45 - Check in Dorm (Bedtime)


Friday, July 25

7:00am - Wake up and prep for the day

8:00am - Breakfast at Camp Dining Room

8:45am - Introduction to Fishing Equipment and Rigging (Different kinds of rods & reels, differences using flies, spinner, and live bait, and rigging of each)

10:00am - Break

10:15 - Casting instruction for spinning and fly casting.

11:30am - Fishing Safety (debarbing hooks, eye protection, wading safety, finding your way)

12:00 Noon - Lunch Camp Dining Room

12:45pm - Board Vehicles for field trip to trout stream and Wild Rose Fish Hatchery.

1:00pm - Arrive at trout stream where DNR staff will demonstrate electroshocking of fish and show how they do stream restoration (habitat) work. 

2:30pm - Stream monitoring volunteers will demonstrate how they monitor the quality of a trout stream with help from the students.

3:45pm - Arrive at the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery for a hatchery tour.

5:00pm - Arrive back at camp for supper

6:00pm - Students can spend time tying flies, making spinners, or going over any questions they may have.

8:30pm -  Question and answer period and socialize with each.  Camp counselors will try to find out what students learned and questions they may have.

9:00pm -  Check in Dorm (Bedtime)


Saturday, July 26

7:00am - Wake up and prep for the day

8:00am - Breakfast at Camp Dining Room

8:45am - What you need for trout fishing. Instructor will show what he/she has in her vest and other items needed for fishing trout.

9:30am - Demonstrate how to rig and fish with live bait.

10:15am - Break

10:30am - Demonstrate how to rig and fish with spinners

11:15am - Demonstrate how to rig and fish with flies and fly rod & reel.

12:00 Noon Lunch at Camp Dining Room

12:45am - Talk on where to fish to include how to find places to fish, reading maps, respecting private property, etc.

Saturday Agenda Continued



1:45pm - Practice fly casting and spin casting at the lake.  Practice by catching some bluegills on Pine Lake.

3:00pm - Talk on Sportsmanship, Ethics, and rules and regulations.

4:00pm - Talk about Trout Unlimited, conservation, clean water, and protection and preserving our trout streams.

5:00pm Supper at Camp Dining Room

5:45pm -  Leave for trout stream to do the following talks and demonstrations.  Students will divide into three groups with at least two instructor per group.  Instructors will describe and demonstrate where possible the following:

   - reading the water (where fish hide)

   - things to look for (hatches & rises)

   - different kinds of structures (riffles, pools,   


   - how to approach and fish a stream

   - fishing in the stream and from the bank

   - fishing up-stream or down-stream

   - demonstrate wading safety and other fishing    

      safety concerns.

8:00pm - Campfire discussion of things they learned and things they might want to know.

Time to relax and socialize.

8:45pm Check into dorm (Bedtime)



Sunday, July 27

7:00am - Wake up and prep for the day

8:00am - Breakfast at Camp Dining Room

8:45am - Leave with guides/instructors for morning of fishing on the stream.  Students will demonstrate what they have learned.  There will be two instructors for every two to three kids fishing an area stream.

11:00am - Arrive back at camp for wrap up

pack to go home.    Students will complete a short evaluation form and be presented with a Certificate of Completion. 

12:00 Noon Lunch at the Camp Dining Room

12:30pm - Students will depart for home with a check made for each student and parent or chaperone taking them home to make sure everyone is accounted for.

1:00pm Instructors, counselors, and other staff will meet for a short meeting to make sure everything is picked up and accounted for and discuss what went right and where we could make improvements.

2:00pm Leave for home.



















Wisconsin Trout Unlimited

2014 Youth Fishing Camp

2013 Trout6.jpg



July 24-27, 2014


Pine Lake Camp

(Located on Pine Lake - Between Waupaca and Wild Rose, WI)


 Check with you local chapter of Trout Unlimited for more details

or call

 Linn Beck at 920-379-2974


Bob Haase at 920-579-3858


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