Fellow UCCTU members:

I have just returned from an annual 8 day fly-in canoe/camping/fishing trip to Woodland Provincial Park in northern Ontario.  The Red Lake Super-8 lobby was full of other fisherman either preparing to fly into camps or coming out.  The scene could easily have been the lounge of an assisted living facility; only gray hairs (I like to think “silverback” as in gorilla troops). 

Saturday, June 21 UCCTU will participate in one of our major conservation activities; stream restoration of Pretty Branch.  We do a good job with conservation.  But my Red Lake, Ontario experience emphasized another important area in which we must do better.  Nothing I write here is meant to denigrate the good hard work of Education Chair Jim Harvey and his volunteers.  But without expanding our influence on boys and girls/young men and women, all that we do here at TU can be lost in a lifetime.  I know I don’t need to explain the competition we have for kids’ attention.

We have a very good UCCTU Chapter.  But we are “playing it safe”.  I will be lobbying our Chapter Board to more aggressively fund our youth education activities.  We need to insure that we get kids the experience of catching a trout.  We need to infect them with fly fishing even if we have to give them a rig, a hot dog lunch, certificates, pins, hats, an awards dinner; whatever it takes to implant an experience that can shape a lifetime.

What does this mean for you?

It means that we will need more money to make this happen; money for a specific purpose; not for a rainy day, or for bank charges, or internet fees, or other expenses an organization incurs; but money to invest in changing lives.  Voluntary dues, our rod raffle, Film Tour/Autumn auction and activities not even yet thought of, will become critical to making this happen.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to your support,



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