Trout From Classrooms Released in Chattahoochee

On March 1 students from St. Pius X Catholic School and St. John Neumann Catholic School gathered at Jones Bridge Park to release trout fingerlings that they had grown in their classrooms from fertilized eggs supplied by UCCTU through our Trout in the Classroom Program.  The meeting was hosted by Tom Schmeltzer, UCCTU Trout in the Classroom Coordinator, who spoke with the students about life for the fingerlings after they are released.  The expressions on their faces as they released the trout were priceless.

Bob Foster displayed his insect collection from the Hooch as well as boxes of flies that immitate those insects.  Jim Harvey did a short casting demonstration and helped students do some casting.  He was surprised that the third grade students were so excited about having a turn to do some cassting.  Bob Schmidt took some great pictures of the event.

Thanks to all who made this such a successful event.



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