UCCTU Volunteers for 2014-2015

UCCTU is driven by volunteers who give generously of their time to support our mission, and hopefully have fun doing so.  Each year a Nominating Committee identifies which Director and committee positions need to be filled for the upcoming fiscal year.  For 2014-2015 we are seeking volunteers for several roles that offer a significant way to contribute but are not very time-consuming.  Please take a moment to look over these roles and consider volunteering for one of them.


Ron Cheslock, currently Program and Events Director, has graciously agreed to be nominated for Education Director for the next term.  Ron has done an outstanding job selecting speakers and coordinating spring and fall trips and Fishing Dayz.  In order to spread the work load and involve more members, the Nominating Committee will recommend that the new Program and Events Director have Program Committee members assigned to 1) arrange speakers, 2) coordinate spring and fall fishing trips, and/or 3) coordinate Fishing Dayz.  For this reason we are seeking volunteers for each of these three activities.   Here is more detailed info about these roles:


  • Monthly Guest Speakers:  Contact potential speakers to determine their interest level and availability to speak at monthly meetings.  Typically we have a wide variety of speakers to cover conservation topics (DNR, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, etc.) and fishing topics (fly fishing guides, shop owners, fishing writers, etc.).  The volunteer does not have to know of potential speakers and will have plenty of help generating a list of potential speakers.  The speakers for the next several meetings have already been selected.  This is a fun job and a great way to expand your contacts in the fishing industry. ( The Guest speakers can all be selected and confirmed early in the calendar year. The only additional work necessary would be a followup email at least 7-10 days prior to the monthly chapter meeting.)
  • Fall and Spring trip:  Identify destinations for two road trips per year; research lodging arrangements; publicize and promote to UCCTU membership; lead the festivities.  Past locations have included Cherokee, NC, Reliance, TN, Brevard, NC and some local waters like the Toccoa and Chattoga Rivers. 
  • Fishing Dayz:  Select local destinations for monthly fishing trips; publicize to membership; lead festivities.  These trips promote camaraderie and offer opportunities for less experiences fishers to pair up with and learn from more experienced members.  The trips are held once per month, typically half-days on a Saturday or Sunday. The Fishing Dayz coordinator can also recruit members each month, as this would engage chapter members with various skills.

We are also seeking someone to prepare slides for our monthly meetings and set up the equipment.  This is not a highly technical position but some knowledge of PowerPoint would be helpful. 


Finally, we are seeking someone for a position critical to our core mission - Advocacy / Conservation.  This Director will promote and represent the interests and policies of the Chapter to officials and others that may influence the outcome of various issues.  Specific activities will include forwarding advocacy items from the Georgia Council to UCCTU members and coordinating conservation activities such as stream improvement projects. 


Please note that volunteers for any of these positions will have plenty of help and training to get started.  Anyone interested in learning more about these roles should contact Jim Harvey at 404-933-5976 or j.harvey@stantonchase.com


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