Youth Education and Fishing Day

Each year Hemingway TU provides various opportunities to educate youth in the Wood River Valley.  Last year we worked with approximately 150 kids teaching them the value of habitat and conservation, as well as how to fish.

Boys and girls spend the day at the Hayspur Fish Hatchery where they are given a tour of the Hatchery, learn about trout, taken on a Bird walk and taught how to identify birds, play a game that teaches about ecology/ conservation and are taught how to catch and release fish using fly rods. We partner with Idaho Fish and Game who lead the Hatchery tours and stock the pond with rainbow trout, to ensure many bent rods and smiling faces.

We have a dedicate group of volunteers who help make these fun and educational opportunities possible.  At the helm of youth education is Bob Knoebel, our youth Education Chairperson and also co- leads a  a middle school fly-fishing club called Reel Fun (the kids chose the name). 


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