St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf

For the last three years our chapter has sponsored one New York City Trout in the Classroom tank at a different school each year. During the 2011-2012 schoolyear, the school which was selected (from a long waiting list) was St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf

St. Joseph’s is one of eleven New York State 4201 Schools created by legislation to provide educational services to children who are deaf, blind or physically challenged. The school serves 115 students from infancy to 14 years who are severely/profoundly deaf (or function as such) and are culturally diverse. A majority of these students come to school by bus from South Bronx neighborhood.

I visited St. Joseph school in November. The school is filled with enthusiastic and curious students who are surrounded by a wonderful support system of teachers and school employees. Student signed questions for me which were interpreted by the school staff: “How big will they grow? What do they eat? Where will they live?” I answered all their questions, but the students will better understand as they watch the trout grow before their own eyes, observe and identify stream macroinvertebrates and put their hands into the waters of our upstate trout streams in the spring. This is why Trout in the Classroom is truly a program that everyone can enjoy and understand. Thank you for your support.


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