Boulder Creek

Tip of the week 

Dry flies rule,,, nymphing will catch most fish after you put them down,,, HIGH Sticking a dry in tight spots,,,,, throw some line in longer runs, and pools ...

Seven-day forecast 

Super week for daytime temps,,, consistent flows for a week now...

*** Be aware of T-storms and rising water.***.

Must Have Flies 
Blue Winged Olive silver 14-16-18 Buy from
Pale Morning Dun Thorax green/yellow 12-16 Buy from
Prince Nymph peacock 12-18 Buy from
RS2 grey 16, 18, 20 Buy from
Chernobyl Ant peacock 8 - 12 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis dark 14/16 Buy from
Sunrise Anglers

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