Boulder Creek

Tip of the week 

Dry/dry,,,,,,dry/dropper/emerger. ,,,, dirty nymphing ,,,,, streamer

EDGES,,,, keep your profile low,,, high stick rise zones with a larger attractor style patterns,,, my personal favorite is the black flying ANT,,, slow down and wade safety, many times you really don't need to be in the water for a cast to the slack water

Seven-day forecast 

We are two weeks early in the run off cycle,,, there is snow up high,,, this heat wave should bring it down,,, how key was the May snowstorm...

Must Have Flies 
Elk Wing Caddis Dark body, blonde wi 16 - 18 Buy from
Sparkle Dun Dark tan/brown 18 Buy from
Prince Nymph peacock 12-18 Buy from
Chernobyl Ant Black 10 Buy from
Griffith's Gnat Black thread 18 Buy from
Conehead Bunny Muddler Black 4 Buy from
Sunrise Anglers

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