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Bow River Report

For nymphing, a Hopper-Dropper rig will work just fine. You might want to change it up and show the fish something different in the way of a foam bug. Try something more along the lines of a Cricket, Beetle, or Cranefly.

Streamer fishing has been good. The dry fly fishing was so good for so long a lot of people ignored the streamer fishing but if you give it a try, it's pretty good.

Don't forget, the Fish Creek boat launch closes on Saturday, August 16 for about two weeks for repairs. All other downstream launches are open.

Hatches: Tricos, Caddis

Streamers: Clouser-Brown/White, Geek Leech-Purple, Silvey's Scuplin Leech-Olive/Black/White Head, Love Bunny, Circus Peanut.

Nymphs: Heavy Metal Worm, Atomic Worm, Tung Stud, B/H R/L Hares Ear, Tung Dart, Hotwire Caddis

Dry Flies: Bloom's CDC Caddis, Spent Partridge Caddis, Silvey's Edible Emerger, Chubby Chernobyl-Purple, Fat Albert, Two-Tone Para Ant,
Berrett's Cricket

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River levels stable.

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