Bow River

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Bow River Report - September 28, 2016

A few rising fish here and there on the cloudy days. Decent numbers of October Caddis around as well. A hopper/dropper rig with an October Caddis and a black Copper John or Prince Nymph is a good choice.

Streamer fishing continues to be good. Cloudy days better than sunny.

Even though the weather forecast for the next few days doesn't lend well to suntans, it will likely get the BWO's kicked into high gear.

Please note that our Brown Trout are moving around and getting ready to spawn. Show respect and handle them carefully. #KEEPEMWET

Hatches: BWO's, October Caddis, Water Boatmen

Dry Flies: Wilcox Low Rider, Quigley's Sparkle Flag-BWO,
Morrish October Caddis

Nymphs: TB San Juan Worm, Copper John, Prince Nymph,
Water Boatman

Streamers: Taupe Leech, Bellydancer Zonker, Near Nuff Sculpin,
Gartside Leech.

Seven-day forecast 

Cooler, cloudy through the weekend

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