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Bow River Report -August 10, 2017

Pretty decent hopper fishing of late on the river. Last week's cool down gave us a little reprieve on the warm water side of things. We just need to get through this coming week as they are calling for cooler temperatures next week.

Lots of Trico spinners in the mornings and still caddis in the evenings (all day on the cloudy days).

In case you hadn't noticed, the river is much lower than it was a week ago. We are now down to right around 60 cms. Keep in mind that it will warm up faster with lower flow volumes so maybe forego the photograph and keep them in the water. Also, take a little extra time to make sure fish are full revived before releasing.

There is still an advisory in place regarding low water levels and high water temperatures. This requests that anglers restrict angling activity to the early morning hours to minimize stress on fish.

Hatches: Hoppers, Caddis, Tricos

Dry Flies: More-Or-Less Hopper, Point Guard Hopper, Morrish Hopper,
CDC Caddis, Spent Partridge Caddis

Nymphs: Caddis Pupa, Micro Leech

Streamers: Skiddish Smolt, Kreelex Minnow, Bow River Bugger,
Clouser Minnow

Seven-day forecast 

Cooler weather for next week!??

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