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Bow River Report -July 21, 2014

We can usually come up with new happenings and such with every fishing report. But this week we just can't! The Bow continues to fish very well! Fisherman are happy, guides are happy, everyone is happy!

The fish continue to eat foam bugs on top, better than we would expect given all of the sunshine we have had. Couple of days last week were a little slower on dry fly eats but a slow day this year is around a dozen. Last year, that was a month's worth of foam bug eats.

A small caddis pupa bead nymph or stonefly nymph fished under a foam bug has been pretty much a sure thing.

Streamer fishing has been very good as well.

McKinnon`s road and launch area are open. Having said that, we ask that people think twice about using McKinnon's when we see heavy rainfall. The road will not support rain and vehicles in its present state. Carseland is now open for public use, a nice surprise. Lower city launches and Policeman's launches open.
Be careful taking out at Policeman's!

Hatches: Caddis, Stoneflies, PMD's

Streamers: Clouser-Brown/White, Geek Leech-Purple, ΒΌ Pound Bugger-Olive, Silvey's Scuplin Leech-Olive/Black/White Head, Love Bunny

Nymphs: Heavy Metal Worm, Jimmy Legs-Dark Brown, Chubby Cousin,
Rock 'n' Roller Stone

Dry Flies: Elk Hair Caddis, Better Foam Caddis, Silvey's Edible Emerger,
PMD Parachute, Film Critic-PMD, Chubby Chernobyl-Purple, Berrett's barred Leg-Golden Stone

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River levels dropping steadily

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