Cape Cod Bay

Tip of the week 

Fish the edge of the channel and the edges of the sand bars where the water is moving

Closed for the season will open April 2014. Thanks for your patronage.

Seven-day forecast 

The water temps are rising an d this means that you should start your trip a little earlier in the day .


A report came in late today of a nice push of S/Bass showing up on the East flats of Barnstable with the tide running to the low side. I am going to check out this area tomorrow and will be back here with an update. Actually we will be fishing the Brewster and Billingsgate area as well, so I will have a better handle on things. Ok, here is the latest first hand report that I promised for Cape Cod Bay. 7am launch at Sesuit and a short run to the East flats of Barnstable where we ran into another boat that had stopped because they had seen some fish breaking on the surface just outside and on the edge of the East Bar. We talked and they told us that these fish had forked tails and looked like either Albies or Bonita. We were skeptical about this ,as these fish have never been known to visit this area. We moved on to Sandy Neck where we saw about a dozen boats trolling in 20 to 30 feet of water. Very few fish were being caught by these boats. I decided to use a sinking line and after many cast and letting the line sink, I managed to hook a S/Bass that measured 27 1/2inches. We decided it was time to check out the East Bar and that proved to be fishless also. As we were leaving to head back to the flats of Brewster, we saw some birds diving and some fish on the surface , feeding on sand eels. We took a few casts but soon headed off to Brewster, and once there we found some smaller S/Bass and caught about a dozen of them. We got a call from some buddies who saw the same breaking fish and birds diving back at the East bar where we had encountered them. They moved to this area and soon found themselves into a school of 4 to 6 pound Bonito. They landed two, one on spin gear and the other on the fly. Very strange year with some strange things happening.

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