Chattahoochee River

Tip of the week 

The dropper rig set-up with an Elkwing caddis and a small Bloody Mary works best in shallow water or over rocky bottoms.

The Junk rig (worm, egg, and a nymph) fished with a lot of weight with strike indicator is a great combo rig for deep nymph fishing.

Don't over look the power of a streamer. Fish eat other fish all the time, and big fish eat big flies. Use anything with Yellow, Rust, or White. swinging the fly out and stripping it back works wonders when nothing else is going on or working.

Seven-day forecast 

The dam is fluctuating discharge and some days are doing a double release and water is still the big variable. Please call the shop or the dam to get more timely info.

You can call Buford Dam for last min updates.

Must Have Flies 
E.C. Caddis Black 16-18 Buy from
Adams Grey 16-22 Buy from
Green Weenie Fly green 18 Buy from
AK BWO Para Quil BWO 16-20 Buy from
Purple Haze Purple 16-20 Buy from
Fly Formerly Known As Prince Peacock 16 Buy from
Orvis Atlanta

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