Chew Valley Lake

Tip of the week 

For nymph fishing, long leaders and team of three flies - "buzzer" pupae in various colours. It is important to move the flies VERY slowly if at all! With dry fly, best to use two flies on a 12 foot leader spaced about five feet apart. !2 on the point and 14 on the dropper. For the pike a wire trace is compulsory, and as there are some very large fish in the lake, a minimum tippet strength of 25lbs is required. Large (2/0 and 3/0) bait immitations are best

Seven-day forecast 

hopefully there will be more fish on top this week. A client of mine was put on Sunday and plenty of fish moved but he only caught on buzzers.
Have a look at some different areas as B.W. staff tried to move fish around the lake by releasing from a large cage which was allowed to drift across the lake.

Must Have Flies 
Martin Cottis

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