Chew Valley Lake

Tip of the week 

For nymph fishing, long leaders and team of three flies - "buzzer" pupae in various colours. It is important to move the flies VERY slowly if at all! With dry fly, best to use two flies on a 12 foot leader spaced about five feet apart. !2 on the point and 14 on the dropper. For the pike a wire trace is compulsory, and as there are some very large fish in the lake, a minimum tippet strength of 25lbs is required. Large (2/0 and 3/0) bait immitations are best

Seven-day forecast 

It was a tough week with all sorts of odd weather. Wednesday was bright sun and flat calm and temperature over twenty. Then the following day we had storm force wind and torrential rain, with a high of ten degrees. This week mis looking similar! If you get out try to fish sheltered areas and be comfortable. Almost every part of the lake has fish! I cannot remember such a great spread of fish. Favourites would be Moreton and Heron's Green Bay, though North Shore is also well worth a try.

Must Have Flies 
Martin Cottis

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