Coeur d' Alene River

Tip of the week 

Medium hoppers and attractors thru the riffle water to start the day and then a dropper under your dry or two small nymphs under an indicator should get it done. Water temps are great for this time of year, but fish have seen a lot of bugs to this point so something a little different can change the game this time of year. Small ants and beetles and tiny sugar ants/parasitic wasp type stuff has been working for the picky fish as well.

Seven-day forecast 

This weeks weather should have the fish more active through out the day. Not much rain in the forcast but a nice reprieve from the ninety degree days.

Must Have Flies 
Flying Ant black 10-14 Buy from
Stimulator olive, royal, orange 8-14 Buy from
Adams Parachute Dry Fly Gray, olive, purple 12-16 Buy from
Bank Beetle green 14-18 Buy from
Sparkle Dun pmd 14-16 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis tan, gray, brown, olive 14-18 Buy from
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