Coeur d' Alene River

Tip of the week 

Small terrestrials and caddis have been the go to surface flies, but nymphing a smaller bwo, caddis, copper john, or zebra midge bead head has been moving bigger fish and has been more consistent.

Seven-day forecast 

Okay...water is low, water temps are creeping up and it is about to get seriously hot. What is going to happen with the fish? We have been talking to Idaho Fish and Game and they have some really good information: First off there are no plans for restrictions due to the fact that the fishery itself will self regulate. As many of us have experienced lately the bigger fish don't seem to be as numerous and the reason why is because many of them have left the main river to seek refuge in the very upper tributaries or down lower in the main river (below Cataldo) where there are spring recharge zones. Smaller fish are not as susceptible to high water temps, but eventually even there metabolism will slow so much that they will not be feeding so even if we fish we won't be catching them. Bottom line the fishing will be tough as the water temps increase so fish in the morning if you must but also know other drainages in the area have better water conditions so it might be time to do a little exploring this summer!

Must Have Flies 
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