Coeur d' Alene River


Nymphs and streamers have been the ticket, but there have been a few hatches in the afternoon. BWO's and small black and brown stoneflies have been out its just a matter of having the fish key on them.

Seven-day forecast 

Still some fish around, but it is harder to access the places you need with the flows so high. Still a bunch of snow at Shoshone WC so higher in the drainage still isn't an option.

Must Have Flies 
Bead Head Stonefly black, brown, orange 6-14 Buy from
Vernille San Juan Worm red, pink, brown 10-16 Buy from
LePage Bead Head Hare's Ear black, olive, brown 10-18 Buy from
Double Bunny Tan, Olive 2-8 Buy from
Tunghead Prince Peacock, green 10-16 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer black, olive 6-12 Buy from
Report from: NW Outfitters

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