Colorado River - Lower Colorado


Most of the day a nymph set up consisting of a stonefly nymph with a midge or blue-winged olive emerger dropped behind will catch fish in all types of water. Mid-afternoon a shallow rig setup with a Blue-winged Olive dry trailed by a BWO emerger are catching fish in foam lines and back eddies.

Seven-day forecast 

River to remain muddy due to snow melt

Must Have Flies 
Bead Head Stonefly Dark 10-12 Buy from
Bead Head Barr Emerger BWO 18-20 Buy from
Griffith's Gnat Peacock 18-20 Buy from
Zonker White 6-8 Buy from
AK BWO Para Quil Black 20 Buy from
Fly Formerly Known As Prince Natural 14-16 Buy from

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