Crowley Lake

Tip of the week 

Tired of 20ft+ leaders and sliding or break-away indicators trying to get to those very deep fish this year? Book a trip with one of our Crowley guides or come by the shop and let us dial you in on a new technique perfected over the last few seasons that makes fishing under indicator obsolete in 18+ feet of water. The best news about the new technique is a "closing ratio" of grabs that result in hooked fish of over 80% for most anglers. I used my wife, Jeri, who fishes about two days a season as my test case in 25 ft of water the other day. She hooked four leagal fish before I could get a line in the water. The bait guy 50 feet away was floored. Me too! -k

Seven-day forecast 

Water temps are uniformly 65 degrees across the bottom of the entire lake.

Must Have Flies 
The Trout Fly

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