Crowsnest River

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Crowsnest River Report - September 24, 2015

The Crowsnest is low and clear, and fishing a little technical right now. Fish with care and stealth and you'll do better. Fishing has been best mid-morning to late afternoon. BWO's are getting going pretty good. Best days for them are the cloudy days.
Few Boatmen kicking around as well.

Hatches: BWO's, Hoppers, Ants, Beetles

Dries: Morrish Hopper, More-Or-Less Hopper-Tan, Two-Tone Para Ant,
Fire Beetle, Film Critic-BWO, Spun Hair Dun-BWO

Nymphs: Tung Dart, Tung Stud-Olive, B/H R/L Hare's Ear

Streamers: Medusa-Fleshy, Circus Peanut-Tan,
Conehead Rubberleg Bow River Bugger-Black.

High Country River Report - September 24, 2015

Fishing in the high country continues to be very good. Hoppers, ants, beetles working best, Blue Winged Olives are starting as well. It is that time of year, and the mornings are quite cool, mid-morning through mid-afternoon offers the best fishing.

Not sure how many will actually pay attention to this, but the Bull Trout do spawn at this time of year. Maybe a good idea to leave them alone. Also watch where you're wading.

Hatches: Hoppers, Ants, BWO's

Dries: Morrish Hopper, Mongo Hopper, Two-Tone Para Ant, Fire Beetle,
Parachute Adams, Film Critic-BWO, Spun Hair Dun-BWO

Nymphs: B/H Pheasant Tail, B/H R/L Hares Ear, Rubberleg Copper John

Streamers: Sleech-Pink, Circus Peanut-Tan, Medusa-Fleshy

Seven-day forecast 

Nice for the rest of the week.

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