Delaware River, East Branch

Tip of the week 

Fish far & fine. Think spring creek. Enjoy the stealth & challenge. The softness of a glass rod could be a good play.

Seven-day forecast 

Getting hot this week. Some t-storms might cool it a bit for the short term, but with temps hitting the low 60's in Harvard expect the river to get steamy by the weekend. The river downstream of the Beaverkill junction will get to warm for safe trout fishing. Watch the temps on the upper river, upriver of Harvard should stay safe, but with Harvard hitting 64 on Tuesday you can expect it to get pretty marginal until next week when weather forecasts have us cooling off some. Green drakes have been on for a couple of days so you can expect spinner falls at dark or later.

Must Have Flies 
Bead Head Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail 14, 16 Buy from
Slow Water Caddis 14, 16 Buy from
Gray Fox 14 Buy from
Sparkle Dun 16, 18 Buy from
Eastern Green Drake 10, 12 Buy from
Rusty Spinner 14, 16 Buy from
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