Delaware River, Main Stem - Hancock to Callicoon

Tip of the week 

Target rising trout. Nymphing the obvious slots works too.

Seven-day forecast 

Hot days & warm nights. Water flows can jump around due to Cannonsville releases fluctuating to meet or maybe not meet the Montague, NJ target flow. Be cool and stick a thermometer in the river/ No Go over 68. When the water temps hit 66 you're not going to see squat for bugs unless some flying ants fall out of the sky

Smallmouth bass fishing is very good at Callicoon & below. Trout fishing that far down river should be left alone until temps downriver fall back in the safe zone, water temps are 70+ that far down river. Early AM might be tempting, but that's the only break the fish get from the warm water, so it's best to leave them be.

Stay tuned...

Must Have Flies 
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CDC Sulphur Emerger 16, 18 Buy from
Light Cahill 14 Buy from
CDC Mayfly Emerger olive 18, 20 Buy from
Rusty Spinner 12,14, 16 Buy from
Indicator Spinner - Trico 22 Buy from
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