Delaware River, Main Stem - Hancock to Callicoon

Tip of the week 

Target rising trout

Seven-day forecast 

We are seeing the best dry fly action of the season right now. With high reservoir releases supplying cold water & bugs hatching, it has been a dry fly game. A cold front that comes in mid week & lasts thorough the weekend. A major guffaw in a hydro project at Cannonsville Reseroir will have high cold water flows happening into early to mid August. It's really happening right now. Severe clear days make it a bit tougher, but that's just how it goes. The fish are there & want to eat

Must Have Flies 
Slow Water Caddis tan 16, 18 Buy from
CDC Sulphur Emerger 16, 18 Buy from
Light Cahill 14 Buy from
CDC Mayfly Emerger olive 18, 20 Buy from
Rusty Spinner 14 Buy from
Sulphur Emerger 14, 16, 18 Buy from
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