Delaware River, West Branch

Tip of the week 

Fishing has been alright the past week here on the West Branch. Blind casting iso dries in the riffles with a dropper is a good technique this time of year and you could also have some good blue wing olive hatches as well depending on the weather. Using ants and beetles along the banks can be effective too. They did cut the water back, so wading shouldn't be a problem on the whole west branch. Nymphing and throwing streamers is going to be your best bet to get into fish but it wouldn't surprise me if you see a couple fish up top feeding. We the higher water i would recommend staying to the East or Main Stem. The water should drop with the week.

Seven-day forecast 

The outlook for the next 7 days looks to be alright with temps in the mid to upper 70's and mid 60's. And then there is a chance for some rain as well early in the week. We are also getting some cooler night temps which is making the main stem fishable and early in the mornings and later in the evening and the higher water flows are helping out too by keeping the main stem cool.

Must Have Flies 
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