Delaware River, West Branch

Tip of the week 

Wading is perfect here on the West Branch and can now get around anywhere with little problems. Fishing is still good on the West Branch with Sulphurs, Slate Drake, BWO, and Lt Cahill. Also, spinners have been okay at night too, something definitely to have in your box. The nymphing in the mornings and throughout the day has been productive with just pheasant tails, hares ears in size 10-18 and stoneflies in size 8-10, underneath a strike indicator, but if you are a dry fly guy, blind casting Slate Drakes (Iso) in faster moving water can be effective. You could also put a dropper nymph under that Slate Drake as well. Maybe like a curved shanked sulphur nymph or a pheasant tail. On cloudy days make sure you have some BWOs as they are more active then. Throwing streamers in the early mornings can be exciting as well and can also turn up some really nice fish too.

Seven-day forecast 

The outlook for the next 7 days looks to be a hot one, with temps consistently in the mid to high 80's . Bug activity though is still good here on the West Branch, along with good fish activity as well. Good luck and tight lines!

Must Have Flies 
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Sumpin' Ugly black 2-6 Buy from
Mike's Meal Ticket Black Or White 2-8 Buy from
Bead Head American Pheasant Tail Bown or Natural 12-20 Buy from
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