Delaware River, West Branch

Tip of the week 

Nymphing in the runs and then casting to rising fish when they are coming up to dries. If you want to throw streamers I would recommend doing that early in the morning. Nymphing is always a productive way to get into a few fish.

Seven-day forecast 

We have good wadable water now, along with floatbale water too. The weather is looking to be rather consistant for the next few days with temps in the mid 80's but are also getting some cooler night temps which are helping to keep the main and east branches cooler too.

Must Have Flies 
Sulphur Emerger Sulphur 16-18 Buy from
Light Cahill Cream 14 Buy from
Rosenbauer's CDC Rabbits Foot Emerger olive and sulphur 18-22 Buy from
Sulphur Parachute sulphur 16-18 Buy from
Rusty Spinner Rust 10-18 Buy from
Sparkle Dun Sulphur 16-18 Buy from
West Branch Angler

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