Deschutes River - Below Lake Billy Chinook and Pelton Dam

Tip of the week 

Remember the river is now closed to all fishing where it borders the Warm Springs Reservation. This means everything is closed--both sides of the river--upstream from near river mile 69 (Maupin is at river mile 54; the Locked Gate is river mile 61).

Water temperature should dictate where your fly is in the water column. Double Bead Peacock Stones, Psycho Prince, Red Copper John, 3-Dollar Dip and Lightning bugs are a few favorites for nymphs. Mini Intruders in black, purple, and blue and any other pattern you've got confidence in for swinging. If you are swinging try throwing a sculpin pattern, it's a good way to hook up with both trout and steelhead.

Dry fly fishing for trout is winding down for the year unless you actively seek out rising fish and make careful presentations. Midges and Blue Wing Olives are the main course with a variety of Caddis as well. Go deep with your nymphs, if you're not losing them your not using them. Pat's Rubber Legs, Copper John's, WD-40, Soft Hackles, Pheasant Tail, Caddis Pupa, Serendipity, and a San Juan Worm under the indicator.

Seven-day forecast 

Mixed rain and snow in the forecast for this week.
Deschutes River Access roads are not plowed or maintained during the winter so if you make it out that way, use 4WD and always carry a shovel and some ice melt.
Most of the steelhead action will be centered in the Maupin area, even this late in the year. If it's cold and the water temperature is in the low to mid 40s, you'll probably do better with indicator tactics.

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Must Have Flies 
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