Deschutes River - Middle

Tip of the week 

Flows are starting to drop! Get ready for some great springtime fishing. Grab some streamers and stonfly nymphs and start probing. It's only going to get better from here on out.

Seven-day forecast 

If daytime temperatures are in the high 30's or 40's than this can be a great spot for a quick session, if a little sun is on the water try nymphing deep or swinging streamers

The fish won't be up in the riffles like they are in the summer with high flows and lower water temperatures. Their metabolisms slow down as well and they'll most likely hold in slower currents with cover as to not exhaust themselves. Seek out the slower runs and pools

Also be very cautious while wading, it can be treacherous in certain areas since the banks can be flooded

Must Have Flies 
Vernille San Juan Worm Pink/Red/Purple 14-18 Buy from
Czech Mate Nymph Olive/Black 16-18 Buy from
Bead Head Rubber-Legged Orvis CJ Brown/Black 6-10 Buy from
Zonker Black/Red/Brown 4-8 Buy from
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