East Outlet Kennebec River

Tip of the week 

Caddis hatches are more difficult than mayflies to fish.
A drag free drift often works but not always. Caddis become adults just below the surface so many end up in the film of the water or bounce about on the surface in an attempt to fly.
At the end of your drift try skipping your elk wing caddis back upstream 5 to 10 feet then dead drift it back over the same water. Skittering gets a fishes attention and they will often that it when it dead drifts back.

Seven-day forecast 

Flows are coming back down to fishable levels and caddis hatches are in full swing. The river is full of fish so it doesn't get much better.
Current water flow information for the East Outlet is now on-line at Waterline.
Not only will there be current water flow information, predicted flows will also be posted.

Must Have Flies 
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