East Outlet Kennebec River

Tip of the week 

It will be nymphing tiny stuff from here on. Every immature insect is down there. Fish that remain in the river after the spawn is over have to eke out a living grubbing around the bottom trying to find a few nymphs.

Seven-day forecast 

Salmon should have all spawn by now.
Salmon tend to exit the river shortly after they spawn. They want to get back to a diet of smelt in the lake. Trout will stay in the river longer grubbing around for nymphs.

November 1 - March 30 the river is open from the dam to the yellow posts at the Beach Pool only. The rest of the river is closed until April 1st.

Current water flow information for the East Outlet is now on-line at Waterline.
Not only will there be current water flow information, predicted flows will also be posted.

Must Have Flies 
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