Esopus Creek

Tip of the week 

The spawning Browns that are in the stream right now may not be necessarily feeding, but they are protecting their territory. Try throwing some of your larger streamer flies through suspected hiding areas and make several aggressive stripping motions. Make sure to repeat several times because you need to aggravate them. If you feel strikes, but are not hooking up they are just defending and you will have to add a dropper fly or a stinger hook in the tail of the streamer.

Seven-day forecast 

After a very heavy rain early last week stream levels are now back to normal height for this time of the year. This week we will see more average temperatures with daytime highs in the low fifties. Nights will be a little chilly with low temperatures dipping into the lower thirties. There could be a significant rain event towards the end of the week. The Esopus is still fishing very well for this time of the year.

Must Have Flies 
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