Esopus Creek

Tip of the week 

This time of the year as hatches become less reliable terrestrials start to become the mainstay of the trout's diet. There are still a few hatches occurring so some attention towards these aquatic insects is necessary. This is the perfect time to use a hopper dropper rig to cover both situations. Tie a small emerger pattern about a foot below a Dave's Hopper and drift it near the shady, undercut, banks of the stream. Pay very close attention to the motion of top fly because most fish will grab the bottom fly. As the fly floats downstream any hesitation in it's motion means set the hook.

Seven-day forecast 

After a little much needed rain we will see daytime temperatures rise a bit above normal for the first part of the week. The end of the week will have a nice cool down with the chance of more rain. This should get the fall spawning Browns more in the mood.

Must Have Flies 
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Blue Winged Olive Blue #18 Buy from
Travis Para Ant Black #16 Buy from
Bead Head Prince Green #14 Buy from
Dave's Oh-So-Iso Brown #12 Buy from
Adams Parachute Dry Fly Brown #16 Buy from
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