Esopus Creek

Tip of the week 

Water levels on the Esopus are now back to more normal levels.The water is still a little off color, but fishing is still very good for this time of the year. With the water conditions slightly stained the use of stimulator flies will greatly increase your chances of hooking up. My favorite combination this time of the year is a size #10 Yellow Stimulator fly on top with a size #16 Flashback Hares Ear tied about a foot behind as the dropper fly. Due to the higher water levels along with the high angle of the sun many fish will seek more comfortable locations. Undercut banks and grassy shorelines are my favorite targets with these conditions. Look for the shadiest sections of these areas and drift your fly from the bright area into the shaded area. Be ready because the take can be explosive.

Seven-day forecast 

The week started with some very cool temperatures for July. Daytime highs were only in the middle seventies with lows at night dropping into the low fifties. Temperatures will return to more readings by the middle of the week with high temperatures back to the middle eighties. This be short lived as yet another cold front quickly follows the warm up.The chance for thunderstorms remains constant as these fronts change back and forth.This should keep the fishing conditions well above normal.

Must Have Flies 
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