Esopus Creek


The fly fishing season is off to a very slow start due to the high cold water. The main stream of the Esopus is much to high to safely fish, so your best bet is to fish the head waters above the portal. Most fish will be located on the bottom of the deeper pools. You must get your fly down to them and it will have to come very close to their mouths due to their slowed metabolism. Drift very heavy nymphs and streamers from the head of the pool to the back of the pool. The majority of fish will be found more towards the back of the pool where the current has become more slack, but you will have to start the drift well above them so the fly has time to settle in the feeding zone. Don't give up too quickly on what looks like a productive spot because it could take several passes through an area before your fly gets noticed.

Seven-day forecast 

The week has started out with very mild temperatures as daytime highs reached into the seventies. This will be short lived as a cold front moves in by the middle of the week with temperatures dropping into the twenties. There could be some heavy rain associated with this cold front as well as some mountain snows. The end of the week will moderate with temperatures rising back into the upper fifties.

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