Esopus Creek

Tip of the week 

With several varieties of insects hatching simultaneously now is the perfect time to fish two flies. The bottom fly should be a heavy nymph with a emerger or wet fly tied about a foot behind as the second fly. My favorite combination, to match the hatch occurring now, is a Prince Nymph and a Caddis Emerger. Cast the combination straight upstream nymphing them down stream. Allow the flies to swing down stream and then slowly strip them back towards you. This technique will cover a lot of productive territory.

Seven-day forecast 

This week started out more like October with daytime highs only in the lower fifties. The rest of the week will be perfect fishing conditions with sunny skies and high temperatures in the middle seventies.

Must Have Flies 
Elk Wing Caddis Tan #14 Buy from
Blue Winged Olive Blue #18 Buy from
Light Cahill White #14 Buy from
Bead Head Prince Green #14 Buy from
Dave's Oh-So-Iso Brown #12 Buy from
Sulphur Parachute Tan #16 Buy from
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