Essex River - Crane Beach, Plum Island Sound, & Ipswich Bay

Tip of the week 

Besides fishing known structures such as rocks and sand bars, the best bet for finding fish are the birds working over schools of bait. Unless the bass are on the surface, let your depth charge line sink right to the bottom before starting you retrieve.

Seven-day forecast 

If the water does not cool off, I feel the striper fishing is going to continue to be extremely slow in the mentioned waters. If things do improve, I will update this report during the week.


Fly fishing and light spin tackle fishing is still very slow in the Essex River, off the the front of Crane Beach, and in Plum Island Sound. Any schoolies that are being caught are in the upper teens to mid twenty inch range. However, these are few and far between.

Must Have Flies 
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Capt. Kalil Boghdan

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