Falling Springs

Tip of the week 

The stream can be fished in many ways-nymphs dries and streamers. The stream is clear in the upper meadows and a little tinted in town. Weed growth is spotty. Some meadows are fully engrossed while others are lacking summer weeds.

Dries should be fished off 6-7X tippets. Nymphs can be fished off 5X tippets. It is best to keep a low profile especially in the upper meadows.

Fishing Report on Falling Spring: 8/16/15
I fished with my Josh from 7 to 11am. We were going to go to around 1pm, but it just became to hot and humid. It was around 86 when we left. The water for some reason was off-colored. It was in the high 50's. We did not seee any trout rising where we fisshed and limited triocs. Josh fished with nymphs and streamers. He did not do all that bad. He lost a big rainbow on the streamer and moved two more. Nymphs made for three landed trout. Not all that bad with the nasty hot weather.

Seven-day forecast 

Rain will bring water up.

Must Have Flies 
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Mike Heck/ Endorsed Guide

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