Falling Springs

Tip of the week 

Trout are quite spooky which is normal. This year the trout are even more on edge. This is because the stream is flowing clearer than past years. I have been nymphing even deep pools w/o indicators. Dry/droppers are working very well. Hitting the trico hatch is a great way to get onto active trout. Searching with terrestrials is a good bet after the trico hatch..

4X is what I normally nymph with, but lighter tippets are sometimes needed. Most dry flies can be tied off 6X but the tipping point to 7X is around size 20. Dress appropriate-no bright clothes and you are set. These few tips and many more patterns, hatches and techniques can be found in my book, "Spring Creek Strategies" bought at any Orvis store or off my web site.

Fishing Report on Falling Spring: 10/13/14
So cloudy that it looked liked evening all day long. I picked up Ron, and he did decide to fish with me. I got hit with a huge head cold, but after a DR appt. this afternoon it was in my chest. We fished from just before 8 until 1pm. The water was clear and 52 with some midges and then more tricos by 10 to 12:30. The fishing was hard, but it has been that way for a few weeks. We fished for a few hours before the rising started and Ron missed two on nymphs. But it was worth the wait because we may have missed three more but Ron landed to very nice trout. One was a good 12 inch rainbow and then a 14 inch brown. That was a fine day under the poor conditions.

Seven-day forecast 

Looks like abundant sun and cool weather. Fall is here early. www.weather.com

Must Have Flies 
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Flash Beetle 14-20 Buy from Orvis.com
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Mike Heck/ Endorsed Guide

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