Falling Springs

Tip of the week 

The stream can be fished in many ways-nymphs dries and streamers. The stream is clear in the upper meadows and a little tinted in town. Weed growth is spotty. Some meadows are fully engrossed while others are lacking summer weeds.

Dries should be fished off 6-7X tippets. Nymphs can be fished off 5X tippets. It is best to keep a low profile especially in the upper meadows.

Seven-day forecast 

Still some snow laying around, but you can get out and fish now. Visit the weather channel for latest weather updates. Any day from 35 up will make for some ok winter fishing. I'm hoping to have my web site up and running this week.

Must Have Flies 
Griffith's Gnat black 22-18 Buy from Orvis.com
Sparkle Dun olive 20 Buy from Orvis.com
I Can See It Midge Fly tan olive 20-24 Buy from Orvis.com
Flashback Hares Ear Nymph black 18-20 Buy from Orvis.com
Oliver Edward's Freshwater Shrimp 14-18 Buy from Orvis.com
Humphreys Cress Bug olive 10-6 Buy from Orvis.com
Mike Heck/ Endorsed Guide

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