Falling Springs

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Fishing Report on Falling Spring: 04/14/15
Another 1/2 day trip from 11 to 3pm. How the wewther can change in a day. It was cloudy and chilly out. The air was around 57 degrees while the water was clear and 52 degrees. Brett and I did see some midges and the occassional BWO. Brett did not really want to fish with nymphs. As he stated, he is a dry fly junkie. So what I did was drive from spot to spot trying to target some rising trout. We found four small area of rising trout. We fished three of them. Two spots where not that easy to fish while one was in an open meadow. Brett worked his leader down to 7X while I picked out what I though would work. We fished about 6 different midges over the trout we found rising. Brett picked up five rainbows from 7 to 14 inches. He was quite pleased.

4X is what I normally nymph with, but lighter tippets are sometimes needed. Most dry flies can be tied off 6X but the tipping point to 7X is around size 20. Dress appropriate-no bright clothes and you are set. These few tips and many more patterns, hatches and techniques can be found in my book, "Spring Creek Strategies" bought at any Orvis store or off my web site.

Seven-day forecast 

The weather could not be better for fishing.. www.weather.com

Must Have Flies 
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