Farmington River

Tip of the week 

Most techniques will be productive this time of the year. We have an abundance of insects on the water and flows are perfect. At this time of the year to be the most productive, it is important to be prepared for a variety of situations because of the many different flies on the water. We have been seeing golden stones, yellow sallies, BWO's, and Iso's. Sulfur emergers have been producing in the evening, as well as Isonychia's, Spinners and larger white fly attractors such as white wulffs and cream variants at dark

Seven-day forecast 

Besides rain predicted early this week, the flows and conditions of the river look to be very good this week. As the summer progresses, remember that colder water will be found closer to the dam.

Must Have Flies 
Blue Winged Olive Olive 18-24 Buy from
Dave's Oh-So-Iso Natural 14-18 Buy from
CDC Sulphur Emerger tan/olive 14-18 Buy from
Yellow Sally sulphur 16-18 Buy from
T.H. Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa olive 16-22 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer white/olive/black 6-12 Buy from
Orvis Avon

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