Farmington River

Tip of the week 

The water levels are still very low but the fishing is great. Walk softly as you carry your big stick and with purpose - they're spooky. Evenings are a blast using Isonychias, spinners or olives. Fish in the film and don't be afraid to pull the fly under the surface at the end of the drift swinging it in the current; you will pick up a few extra fish that way. During the day, poke around fast pocket water with your dry Isonychia patterns, such as Dave's Oso-Iso, Adams or Quill Gordons. You may not see the flies hatching, but the trout know thery're there. For a chance at larger fish, use a large Golden Stone as an anchor fly and trail a traditional nymph, such as a Pheasant Tail or Hare's Ear.

Seven-day forecast 

There does not look to be too much rain in the forecast, so the river will still be at lower levels. This makes the fishing more technical, and requires a stealthier and delicaate presentation. Nymphing with smaller size bugs, and larger stoneflies is a good way to take fish during all hours. Night fishing and early morning are also the best times to be out during this time of the year.

Must Have Flies 
Adams Dark Dun 12-20 Buy from
CDC Emerging Caddis Tan, or olive 16-20 Buy from
Dave's Oh-So-Iso Olive 14-12 Buy from
Blue Wing Olive Parachute Olive and light oliv 16 - 24 Buy from
Tungsten Cone Head Woolly Bugger Black, olive, white 10-6 Buy from
Letort Hopper dark Dun, Olive 10-8 Buy from
Orvis Avon

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