Farmington River

Tip of the week 

The water levels are very low and the fishing is great. Dry fly fishing is getting very technical with small flies and good presentations mandatory - they're spooky. With the colder temperatures approaching, look for hatch activity in the later afternoon. The predominant hatch noe are BWO's and midges. Long leaders and good drifts are necessary keeping the fly in the film. It's a streamer time of year as well for larger Browns. Nymphing can also produce as the trout gat ready for the cold winter monthe ahead,

Seven-day forecast 

Rain does not seem to be a significant factor keeping river flows low. Higher flows would help, but use this as an opportunity to access the really deeper holes.

Must Have Flies 
RS2 Dark olive 20-24 Buy from
CDC Emerging Caddis Tan, or olive 16-20 Buy from
Blue Winged Olive Olive 22-24 Buy from
Birchell's Hatching Midge Black, olive 20-24 Buy from
Schultzy's S3 Sculpin Black, olive, white 4-6 Buy from
Travis Para Ant dark Dun, Olive 18-22 Buy from
Orvis Avon

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