Deer Creek DHALO

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Fished the DHALO section of Deer Creek today. Plenty of fish have been stocked, mostly rainbows. The fish are stacked up in small holes seemingly unwilling to explore and spread out much yet. They are however readily taking flies of many sorts, and often are willing to chase to take them. Best results came on caddis nymphs and egg patterns. Also got one oddball brown I noticed rising to take a small black elk hair caddis. Took a walk through Emmerling Park as well, and although fishing there isn't legal until opening day, it is fun to spot some of the nicer fish they put in, as the DHALO section rarely sees any fish above 14 inches. A few of the stocked rainbows under the foot bridge in Emmerling Park could easily pass for steelhead, fun to look at anyways. 


said on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Fished the middle section of the DHALO this past weekend, and found and caught a nice 22'' rainbow just upstream from the winery. Guess every now and then a nice fish does get put in the DHALO section. Couldn't keep them off the hook on Saturday, caught well over 30 fish. Most were on gray BH Caddis nymphs and olive woolly buggers.

said on Friday, March 14th, 2014

Fished this section again today, and after the rain the fish have significantly spread out. Managed 4 fish near the winery on black nypmh patterns, and another 2 on woolly buggers under the 910 bridge at the uppermost part of DHALO. Water was just slightly stained and up today.


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