Florida Keys

Tip of the week 

Be able to side cast and comfortable with the "double haul". This will help you punch into the wind and lay your leader out better.

Seven-day forecast 

Warm with winds 5-10 mph and temps in mid 80's


Hello Anglers, with a warm welcome from The Saltwater Angler!
The last few days we have seen the Palolo worm hatch starting to emerge. Late afternoon with the out going tide is typically when you will find the worms. Schools by the hundreds have shown up on both Atlantic and Gulf sides of the Keys. The early bird gets the worm is how things have been shaping up this year. Anglers getting out early, 6am or earlier have had the best hook ups. Most hooking up with multiple fish and then moving up on the flats for Permit and Bonefish. The next 5 days of weather look great with low winds and a only few small showers. There are many worm patterns to choose from; red, purple yellow, orange and even tan. Just make sure your fly stays at the top of the water column. This as one of the few times that even spin fisherman can get in on the action. Choose a worm fly pattern and the let it slip out the channel with the current buy feeding line smoothly out your bail. Good Luck!
Off shore we are staring to see more Dolphin show up and anglers will usually find a mix bag of school and peanut dolphin. Tuna and Wahoo can still be found on a good day in deeper water or just on the color change. Grouper seasons is open and its been a good start with a nice number of large Blacks and Gags being caught 100-150 ft. of water. Along with the flats guys waiting on the full moon for Palolo worms, we have the Mutton snapper also about to spawn off shore. These brutes can be caught easily on sea mounts just out side the reef line. Just remember only keep what you can eat fresh...save some for another day. Here is wishing you tight lines and fish boat side!!

Must Have Flies 
Peterson's Spawning Shrimp tan 2 Buy from Orvis.com
Softy Minnow Chart/white 1/0 Buy from Orvis.com
Orvis Tarpon Bunny tan, olive 3/0,5/0 Buy from Orvis.com
Barracuda Fly white, chart 3/0 Buy from Orvis.com
Grassett's Flats Minnow various colors 1/0 Buy from Orvis.com
Grand Slam Crab tan 1/0 Buy from Orvis.com
The Saltwater Angler

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