Florida Keys

Tip of the week 

Be able to side cast and comfortable with the "double haul". This will help you punch into the wind and lay your leader out better.

Seven-day forecast 

Mid 60s to low 70's with winds 10-20mph through the week-end


Hello to everyone from the staff at The Saltwater Angler.
This time of year we have moderate windy days and fly casting can be difficult. If you do get out and attempt a day, the migratory Tarpon have started to move through the Keys. The Atlantic side of the Keys has been the best place to look for larger Tarpon with the deeper channels just off the flats holding Juveniles. The closer we get to May, you'll be able to look for the big ones on both sides of the Keys. The pre-sunrise and late afternoon bite is the best time to maximize possible hook-ups. Darker flies from toads to bait fish patterns are good choices for fly fishing. Oddly enough bone white Hogy lures in the 10 inch size are excellent when spin fishing. Bone fish and Permit have been very active on the flats lately. The afternoon bite has been the best for finding Permit feeding. Just remember to pay close attention to the tides when picking the right flat to search for Bones and Permit.
Offshore continues to produce many Blackfin tuna and Bonita's. We are in the height of Sailfish season, so planning a trip offshore could be great! Remember there is always many different reef species to tackle as well. Multiple species of snappers are always available when fishing off the bottom in 40-60 feet. Grouper season opens in just a few weeks, so get the heavy gear ready. Wishing you tight lines and fish boat-side!

Must Have Flies 
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Bluewater Softy Minnow Chart/white 1/0 Buy from Orvis.com
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