Florida Keys

Tip of the week 

Be able to side cast and comfortable with the "double haul". This will help you punch into the wind and lay your leader out better.

Seven-day forecast 

High 80's with 5-10mph winds over the next week.


Hello Anglers! We welcome everyone a warm welcome from The Saltwater Angler!
The flats fishing continues to be steady with a multitude of schools of bonefish seen on the grass flats recently. They have been seen in large numbers on the gulf side as well as the Atlantic side of the Keys. Although, the best bite of the day has been in the morning due to August's increased water temperatures. These hot water temperatures cause the fish to become lethargic during mid-day which reduces the likelihood of landing a fish in the heat of the day. But, the bite sometimes stays hotter, longer on the Atlantic side because of the cooler water entering the flats from the ocean. There have also been a larger numbers of permit sighted tailing on the flats this over the last two weeks. Lately, some of the schools of large permit have easily numbered in the 20-30's on the surrounding flats. Also, there have still been quite of few tarpon landed recently over the last week. Most of the tarpon caught have been juveniles. However, there have also been anglers who have come into the Saltwater Angler who have caught fish in the 50-60 pound range. The offshore bite has remained steady this week; with a lot of ballyhoo on the reef and pilchards on the beach. The mangrove and yellowtail snapper have continued to bite well between 70-90 feet. In addition, the Maui bite has begin to really pick up. Many of them are still on the smaller side around 5-10lbs. We wish you tight lines and fish boat side; complements from the staff at The Saltwater Angler!

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