Coldwater Conservation Fund

Major Donors (CCF)

The Coldwater Conservation Fund was founded over 20 years ago to support Trout Unlimited's effort to keep every aspect of its conservation work grounded in science. From abandoned mine cleanup in Appalachia to native trout restoration projects in the Sierra Nevada, the CCF supports virtually everything that TU does for trout, salmon and the anglers who pursue them. CCF members give $1,000 or more each year to ensure that TU's work has the means to continue and expand. CCF contributions have a long history of leveraging public investment and volunteer work so that TU can develop smaller projects, such as the restoration of Pennsylvania's Kettle Creek or Wisconsin's Kickapoo River, into watershed and landscape-scale initiatives that protect and restore habitat and ultimately make fishing better.

To see the full scope of CCF supported work, please take a look at this year's project list and note the tremendous impact that the CCF has for trout, salmon, and water in which they live.

CCF Benefits

Trout Unlimited designs unique trips and events so that the CCF community has the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their generosity.

Benefits include:

  • Exclusive trips, which combine great fishing and amazing scenery with briefings on TU's conservation work by staff members and project managers.
  • Behind the scenes project tours.
  • Invitations to special events such as the Annual Spring Dinner at the Central Park Boathouse in Manhattan or the San Francisco Gala at the St. Francis Yacht Club.
  • The Complete Angler newsletter, TU Calendar and TROUT magazine.
  • Special gift offers, including everything from custom rods to TU and CCF embroidered outerwear.

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