Grand River - Lower

Tip of the week 

Favourite quote of our fly fishing education program " if you have not caught any fish or lost any flies - what do you know?" You are not deep enough!!! In any given fly fishing moment you could be casting to surface eating fish - no depth required -- just a great presentation of a close matching imitation of the keyed into hatch of that moment. However, the rest of the day when no hatch is present - where are the fish. they are on the bottom, your presentations must get down to them. So change up and experiment till you loose a fly or two to the river bottom. Now you know you fished the appropriate parts of the river for that time.

Seven-day forecast 

The weed growths have been continually washed away by high flows each week.Fishing in this area will be good as long as the flows stay fishable.

Must Have Flies 
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