Great Smoky Mountains - Low Elevation

Tip of the week 

Approach & presentation is the name of the game here. These fish don't often get overly selective on fly patterns, but they spook easily and won't tolerate a bad drift!

Fish upstream, dress in earth-tone clothing, and keep a low profile. Stay back and make longer casts in slow pools. Get closer and keep as much line off the water when fishing pocket water.

Seven-day forecast 

Rain chances on Monday and Tuesday. As long as it's not enough to significantly bring the streams up, we should have a fantastic week ahead!

Must Have Flies 
Adams Parachute Dry Fly Natural 18 - 12 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis Tan 16 - 12 Buy from
Stimulator Yellow 16 - 14 Buy from
March Brown Natural 14 - 12 Buy from
Stimulator Orange 14 Buy from
Blue Quill Natural 18 - 16 Buy from
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