Greater Chesapeake Bay & Tributaries

Tip of the week 

Floating Line Popping the Fly - Cast the fly out as far as possible. Move the rod tip down in sink with the floating fly just prior to it resting on the water. Start stripping immediately, in one to two foot increments, swiftly, when the fly hits the water. Do this 5 or 6 times, pause for a half of second and then start the cadence again. Do this until the fly is back at the boat.

Sinking Line
Moving the Fly with Short & Swift Strips - Cast the fly out and countdown to the desired depth. Normally this is one-foot per second with weighted flies and sinking line. This depth is determined by looking at your fishfinder while drifting over the stripers. Keep the fly in line with of just above your target.

Start stripping the fly swiftly, with the rod tip just above the water, pointing directly at the fly, in one-foot increments. Do this until the fly is back at the boat.
NOTE: During the drift, since there is current, keep the rod tip just above the water and move it horizontally to keep it pointed directly at the fly. Doing this keeps all the slack out of the line something needed to get a good hook set.

Seven-day forecast 

The majority of stripers this week will come from deep water columns. Please make sure you have a spool with sinking fly line and sinking flies. Three inch clousers are always a good choice.


The weather has been very hot for the last 4 days and will continue to be in the mid-90's until next Saturday. Take plenty water if you plan to fish this week.

The majority of nice striped bass available are in the 20 inch class. They are still located between Love Point and have moved north above Hart-Miller Island. If you're having difficulty catching look in areas where the rivers meet the Bay.

Some small bluefish have entered the Bay this past week.

Most boats that are anchored are chumming. It's best to stay clear of these boats since the striped bass around them will only take small pieces of cut menhaden.

Must Have Flies 
Mylar Popper BLUE/WHITE 2/0 Hook Buy from
Blados Crease Fly OLIVE/PEARL 3/0 Hook Buy from
Clouser Minnow YELLOW 2/0 Hook Buy from
Half And Half TAN/WHITE 2/0 Hook Buy from
Lefty's Deceiver CHARTREUSE 2/0Hook Buy from
Burk's Hot Flash Minnow ANCHOVY 1/0 Hook Buy from
Capt. Tom Hughes

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