Greater Chesapeake Bay & Tributaries

Tip of the week 

Starting in mid-November until January light tackle equipment is needed to catch quality striped bass in the Maryland Sector of the Chesapeake Bay. They are located in waters from 40 to 65 feet deep in the lower Chesapeake Bay around Pt. Lookout. The most productive technique is jigging the bottom using metal jigging spoons in sizes from 2 ounces and larger.

Seven-day forecast 

From now throughout the winter look for quality striped bass in Maryland's lower Chesapeake Bay off of Point Lookout or the lower Potomac River. You will need to use light tackle instead of fly fishing equipment in waters from 40 to 65 feet.


Make sure you dress warm this time of year. Looks for forecast with winds 5 to 10 kts. and waves 1 1/2 ft. or less. Light tackle equipment is a must this time of year to catch quality striped bass.

Must Have Flies 
Half And Half chartreuse/white 1/0 Hook Buy from
Capt. Tom Hughes

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