Gulf Coast - Port O'Connor

Tip of the week 

.Keep eyes out for big single trout on late AM sand near drop offs and potholes... On low wind conditions, proactively hit potholes from as far away as you can reach, with long leader (>9') to keep belly of line off the potholes.... Use white, ginger, tan , gray baitfish profile flies (-size 4-1/0) of various sink rates to probe potholes and drop offs. Go into sight-casting mode as sun gets up 8:30 to 4:00 and be ready to add extra fluoro 12# tippet and some 3 to 4" grizzy seaducers (2/4) for picky fish, goin with as long a leader as you can get away with on calm days, Get out of boat and walk on windy days with scudding clouds/ sun on lee shorelines

Seven-day forecast 

Partly cloudy and E to SE winds to 15 through this Wednesday, with *0% chance of rain Thursday PM with NE winds through Saturday, moving to SE on Saturday PM lots of sun most of next week; with 40%+ chance of rain next Thursday and Friday with cooling water still
> 80*.... calm AM's check big water first for tarpon jacks and XXL redfish on big water, tides above normal, moving with post full moon and fall's big water
Consider getting out of boat, mid week and hunt for a big single reds and trout walk to take boat noise, approach angle, and line maintenance issues out of the equation Try tan and olive seaducers, crabs and clousers on fish on sand go to gray and black and olive flies if white and chartreuse don't work. You need to have a ten weight and a big fly ready, quickly, for NOW thru Halloween on jacks... Put this rod on the easiest rod rack to get to ASAP
Look for Matagorda jetty tarpon and Large redfish on front beach to 20 miles S of pass as water cools... choose calm and caution to check front beach tarpon. and XXL reds, with tarpon to 60# taken recently outside on black/purple... reports of Spotty red tide blooms on front gulf beaches.....


Late Winter / Spring.Sightcasting begins around 9 AM to cruising fish, or Blindcast 2-3 foot deep flats early with wtd. large streamers until sun gets up and floating grass becomes an issue..... Scattered big fish showing on edge flats late with large flies and slow sinking lines. go to longer leaders (10' to 12') and fluoro tippets as needed Spring good time to stick a large trout on island edges and isolated sand flats

Must Have Flies 
Cowen's Baitfish Natural ginger 1 2 4 Buy from
Tarpon Toad Black purple and whi 1/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Olive and white, 2 Buy from
Grand Slam Crab olive 2 Buy from
Skipping Bug Popper copper silver 2/0 to 4/0 Buy from
Swan Point Landing

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