Gulf Coast - Port O'Connor


.Keep eyes out for big single trout on cool early AM sand near drop offs... On low wind conditions, proactively hit potholes from as far away as you can reach, with long leader (>9') to keep belly of line off the potholes.... Use white, ginger, tan , graybaitfish profile flies (-size 4-1/0) of various sinkrates to probe potholes and drop offs. Go into sight-casting mode as sun gets up 8:300 to 4:00 and have extra tippet and some grizzy seaducers (2/4) for picky fish

Seven-day forecast 

Week starts w/ large cold front Monday coming to with SE winds and sunny to 20 cloudy with late week lows in mid 70*s to mid 70*s with 30% chance of rain this weekend before SE winds to 20 all of next week. Water temp rising above 70* and clarity will bring winter trout mode and chance to get a big girl Look for mid- day to bite as water warms and bait gets more active, Throw and pull large flies into potholes and draining creeks falling into deep water or ICWW, get fly in BOTTOM of potholes early in the AM on chilled fish and take fly retreive cues from the occasional bait mullet / flips. Mid day active fish after tides get back to normal winter level.... Gently let these big sows get back to their spring spawning work. less handling the better, leave the Boga at home on these egg filled fish .Try large hair bugs, gurglers and quiet poppers later over 1.5' to 3' deep of afternoon, grass flats on cloudy days after a few days of sun Topwater bite on trout picking up as bays fill up with warm, new moon water. Jacks, mackerel and ladyfish reports on middle coast signal >70* water in. Wet wading time., get out of the noisy boat and , trout to 25" and OS reds on outside Pringle shoreline mid week, avoid running it or the near dropoff and walk in!...


Look for cool, crawling fish early as.Sightcasting begins around 9 AM to cruising fish, or Blindcast 2-3 foot deep flats early with wtd. large streamers until sun gets up and floating grass becomes an issue.. Low tides and calm winds but no sun to see fish, other than waking fish....... Scattered big fish showing on edge flats late with large flies and slow sinking lines. go to longer leaders (10' to 12') and fluoor tippets as needed . Winter time is a great time to stick a big trout, go in quie,t in stealth mode and throw slow sinking flies 2-6" seaducers in white, gray, tan ginger with wtd. eyes to match the water depth. Focus seasonal efforts on flats and edges, within 50 yards of a dropoff and get a big girl!

Must Have Flies 
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail Natural ginger 1 2 4 Buy from
Tarpon Toad Black purple and whi 1/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Olive and white, 2 Buy from
Grand Slam Crab olive 2 Buy from
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail wh/ white 2/0 Buy from
Skipping Bug Popper copper silver 2/0 to 4/0 Buy from
Report from: Swan Point Landing

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