Gulf Coast - Rockport


Use large streamers and top water bugs get out real early, befiore sightcasting around 8:30 . Get OUT of the boat and Check white sand/ grass flats mid-day for cruising, sunning trout with long leaders (up to 12' and 12#) and small wtd flies (Blind Chicken, White, gray, and ginger bead-eye seaducers 2-4) and small dark ( #4 black and purple) crabs, well weighted doing well on lethargic fish. Lots of shots with very indiffferent, redfish

Seven-day forecast 

Mostly SE Winds 10 to 20 sunny after a COLD front Monday AM until Weekend with >30% chance of rain clearing to SE all next week with light cloud conditions as water warms over 70*
Post cold front days will bring crawling fish up on shallow edges in St. Charles, Quarantine, Lydia Ann and spoils near ICWW Use wtd toad-style Black , Olive, or Tan/ kwan style flies (2" to 4") working on mostly indifferent fish Go to long leaders( 12' w/ 12# fluoro tippet) on calm, sunny mid- day walks ., tightlipped reds with a few trout sets missing cooperative loners. W / warming water, consider late afternoon wading when sun is out, look for active mullet concentrations and cover water with water-pushing top waters if there has been sun on the water most of the day. Reports of jackfish, ladyfish and mackerel near jetty flats as warm , full moon water moves and wet wading in full bloom.. Early AM picture from LLM has Steve Rajeff with a FINE 32" trout with Capt. Rick Hartmann.!!..


. Redfish medium to good with drifting lure fisherman picking up trout to 20" on grass flats. go to 2-3' of 15# flurocarbon tippet off nylon leaders, for better sink rate and less visibilty. Consider use Orvis high temp bonefish and redfish lines now through mid-November. Get out and walk when high winds make your boat or kayak a liablity

Must Have Flies 
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail olive whitehite 1 to 2/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow chart/ over whi 4 Buy from
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail white chart 1 to 2/0 Buy from
Puglisi Peanut Butter Fly Purple and white 1/0 Buy from
Puglisi Permit Crab olive tan 1, 2 Buy from
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail wh/wh olive/wh 2/0 Buy from
Report from: Swan Point Landing

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