Gulf Coast - Rockport

Tip of the week 

Use large streamers and top water bugs get out real early, befiore sightcasting around 8:30 . Get OUT of the boat when you have bait and know fish are there, and Check white sand/ grass flats mid-day for cruising, sunning trout with long leaders (up to 12' and 12#) and small wtd flies (Blind Chicken, White, gray, and ginger bead-eye seaducers 2-4) and small dark ( #4 black and purple) crabs, well weighted doing well on lethargic fish. Lots of shots frisky fish stay with them until they are out of range, go to grizzly, tan, and black flies on picky fish

Seven-day forecast 

partly sunny with ,40 to 50% chance of rain Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and then hot SSE Winds to 25 out of south to SSE tides moving back to normal and below after high water falls out
Fishing has been solid but very good when all conditions line up! Use longer leaders (10' to 12' w/ 12# fluoro tippet) on calm, sunny mid- day walks working downwind and down sun keep eyes peeled for large trout , play and release quickly please. Get out of boats and kayaks on windy partly cloudy days, take boat noise and footprint out of your stalk! . Go to smaller dark flies (black olive purple) on indifferent fish if they flare on white , chartreuse Good success, on tan, olive, and black toad, kwan-style patterns #1 to #4 and 20" trout on potholes off ICWW and Mud Is. with good
numbers of small redfish on many flats occasional big trout to 25" on sand edges of edge flats. More reports of jackfish on big water edges, with tarpon reported caught on PA rocks last week and some Spanish macks too,. Local fly guides say they have not see so many big trout in skinny water as this year, possibly thank to biology, 5 fish limit, and bayou opening.. wade slow, and stick one of these big girls, then release her quickly for her own Spring "dance"....Numerous reports of small white shrimp all over grass flats, fish fat and eating small (2& 4s) white seaducers, clousers, and kwans, tan working in almost any sinking fly too
Calm early AM had tarpon fisherman on Port A jetties and front beach, with hookups and king mackerel too , don't; forget the wire leaders!!


. go to 2-3' of 15# flurocarbon tippet off nylon leaders, for better sink rate and less visibility. Get out and walk when high winds make your boat or kayak a noisy liabililty WIth low sun go to shallower flats and look for waking or tailing fish, V shaped tails are mullet from finger size 3" to 18" "horse" mullet

Must Have Flies 
Swan Point Landing

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