Gulf Coast - Rockport

Tip of the week 

Use large streamers and top water bugs get out real early, befiore sightcasting around 8:30 . Get OUT of the boat and Check white sand/ grass flats mid-day for cruising, sunning trout with long leaders (up to 12' and 12#) and small wtd flies (Blind Chicken, White, gray, and ginger bead-eye seaducers 2-4) and small dark ( #4 black and purple) crabs, well weighted doing well on lethargic fish. Lots of shots with very indiffferent, redfish

Seven-day forecast 

More redfish being seen by guides in last two weeks w SE winds w/ 10 to 15 for next two weeks SUnny and lower S to SE winds next week Use wtd toad-style Black , Olive, or Tan/ kwan style flies (2" to 4") working on mostly indifferent fish Go to long leaders( 12' w/ 12# fluoro tippet) on calm, sunny mid- day walks working downwind and downsun ., consider late afternoon wading when sun is out, look for active mullet concentration. jackfish, ladyfish and king mackerel near jetty flats, Lydia Ann and CC ship channel Bonito in jetty under birds taking small white streamers on rods 6 to 8 wt. large trout to 26" om ginger / griz streamers on edge flats near deeper water mid-day to quiet waders watch for OS reds in PA jetties on outgoing tids looking for large sponge crabs moving out to gulf, they will eat anything close Captain Billy Trimble wins fly division of 2014 Casting for a Cure/ CF with David M and Greg S of Houston with over 180". in 2 day C&R event!!


. Redfish medium to good with drifting lure fisherman picking up trout to 20" on grass flats. go to 2-3' of 15# flurocarbon tippet off nylon leaders, for better sink rate and less visibilty. Consider use Orvis high temp bonefish and redfish lines now through mid-November. Get out and walk when high winds make your boat or kayak a noisy liablilty

Must Have Flies 
Swan Point Landing

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