Gulf Coast - South Padre Island


Fish also turning to tan shrimp and impressionistic olive and black crabs, Go to longer leaders and 2x fluoro for fussy white sand fish....consider hairbugs and small poppers on crawling fish as water levels go above 70* The TPW 5 trout / day on lower Texas coast continues to bring better average fish to hand.... and TPW has moved to go 5 trout limit on the middle Texas coast Sept 1 2014!

Seven-day forecast 

ESE winds Sunny to 20 and clouds after Monday's hard front with N winds. coming to SE 10-20 thru cloudy weekend and 30% chance of rain and clearing. SE winds to 20 as water moves into 70's and wet wading starts SUnny and SE winds all of next week Big trout hunting on edges and spoils slowed by gradually weakening northers, occasional tailing redfish apparently on sand eels and worms. on mud and sand. PIcture this AM from LLM with Steve Rajeff w/32" trout with Capt. Rick Hartmann! Tides above normal after full moon phase and strong SE wind pushes ... Capt. Bryan Robinson reports slow start to spring trout fishing with small areas of brown tide hurting visibility. Fish still hanging on shallow edges and eating half the time....


. Scattered singles of slot reds found on sand on east shore from SPI to Port Mansfield... Eating small white seaducers, chartruese snake flys, tan/ white clousers, and tan, black, and olive crabs on 6 to 8 weight rods and at least 9' of leader, down to 12# fluoro. Good to better blindcasting for trout and reds near ICWW on seaducers and larger clousers (+4"-6" ) before sun gets up

Must Have Flies 
Kinky Muddler Chartruse Pur/bla 1/0 Buy from
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail White gray 1 Buy from
Cowen's Baitfish Olive & white 1/0 Buy from
Grassett's Deep Flats Bunny tan and olive 2 Buy from
Grand Slam Crab tan or olive 2 Buy from
Gurgler tan white 2 Buy from
Report from: Swan Point Landing

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