Gulf Coast - South Padre Island

Tip of the week 

Fish also turning to white shrimp and impressionistic olive and black crabs, Go to longer leaders and 2x fluoro for fussy white sand fish....consider small hairbugs (#1 to #6) and small poppers on crawling fish as water levels go above 60* The TPW 5 trout / day on lower Texas coast continues to bring better average fish to hand.... and TPW has moved to go 5 trout limit on the middle Texas coast since Sept 1 2014!

Seven-day forecast 

Windy, low clouds, sunny with SE winds to 2o with low chance of rain al week then clear with wind coming to N on Wednesday, clearing and sunny Thursday and Friday winds all weekend to SE 15 to 25 . then wind comes to NW to 15 on Sunday, clearing clear and sunny hot til mid next week with chance of rain next mid-week.... Tides normal with good movement off new moon and SE winds
Check P. Mansfield's East cut, and Brownsville ship channel for fish on edges and Spoils on ICWW later in afternoons Big, slow sinking flies, in white chartreuse, gray or black on edge flats..... with tides above normal and water close to 80* and comfortable wet wading Heavy N winds hampered weekend efforts..... More Jackfish / tarpon sightings in big water/ jetty and scattered Sp. Mackerel on jetty, White shrimp hatches reported up and down the coast


LLM Is hypersaline 125 mile long lagoon with skinny water grass flats and an eastern white sand shoreline up to a mile wide , sliced by the East Cut in Port Mansfield with access to jetty and near inshore fish Port Isabel and South padre Island offer jetty and ship channel fisheries for snook and tarpon With front gulf beach available too

Must Have Flies 
Swan Point Landing

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