Jersey Shore - Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park

Tip of the week 

Low and slow if you go.

Seven-day forecast 

The damage and changes from last weeks Nor'easter can be easily seen. Millions of cubic yards of sand have made there way off the beaches and has changed the structure on the beaches, both natural and man-made through beach "nourishment". It's time to check the gear, attend the shows, join a club, and do some scouting until things start up in the spring. Don't forget freshwater during winter, trout, bass, and pickerel will hit a fly presented right.


Well its winter. Time to gear up for the fly fishing shows and tie your favorite flies for the upcoming year. The ocean is hovering around 40 degrees and there have been resident striped bass caught since the New Year.

Must Have Flies 
Cowen's Baitfish 1/0 Buy from
Ozzie's Sand Eel 2/0 Buy from
Bucktail Deceiver Chart/White 2-2/0 Buy from
Kinky Muddler Green/White 2/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Green/White 2-2/0 Buy from
Whisper Crab 2 Buy from
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