Jersey Shore - Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park

Tip of the week 

Look for signs of bait as it starts to show up on the beach. Match the hatch meaning you could be throwing bigger Hollow Fleyes or small surf candies. Keep a spare spool one with intermediate line and the other with a sinking line.

Seven-day forecast 

Today is November 12th. Fishing is getting better as the fall migration is underway. Awaiting to see how the 'Polar Vortex" will effect fishing. Its still bass on big bunker but smaller baits are starting to show and smaller bass are on the beach.


So fall is here. Lots of mixed weather with blows and temperature drops. Its right on schedule but the movement of fish is a bit slow, almost not moving slow. We're starting to see some smaller fish biting on the outgoing tides as the bait from the inside moves out. Should only get better with time.

Must Have Flies 
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Bucktail Deceiver Chart/White 2-2/0 Buy from
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