Jersey Shore - Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park

Tip of the week 

Lot's of bait ti mimmick....nothing like poppers or Snake flies when the mullet are around.

Seven-day forecast 

Its October 2nd and we are waiting for some nasty weather to hit the East Coast. Bass have showed up along the beaches hitting on small rainfish and mullet, but the storm will end that run. It will take the seas a while to calm down post storm and clean up, but then the fishing should get better.


Early summer season is now here at the Jersey Shore. That means, usually, striped bass bluefish, and fluke. This spring bluefish were up and down the coast in both big numbers and size. Bass remain scarce and anglers are finding numbers way down along the East Coast. Fluke season has started and are always a fun option along the beach on the fly rod.

Must Have Flies 
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