Jersey Shore - Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park

Tip of the week 

It's summer and its time to target fish in the late evening, night , and first light. Either the high bright sun or the beach going crowds will get in the way of a successful outing. Try popping up a summer resident bass or using Clousers and crab flies for fluke. Bluefish are around also so have some wire with you so you don't get bit off.

Seven-day forecast 

Looking good for the second week of August. The water temps are holding since we had that south wind blow last week which kept the water cold. Warmer water means better fluke fishing, too hot means the bass will be active at night and when the sun isn't blazing.


It's the middle to late summer on the Jersey Shore. Hot days with hight bright sun usually chases the resident striped bass away. Fluke fishing on the beach has been spotty this summer. Blue are, I'm sure, on the way. Best times for me are evenings through first light.

Must Have Flies 
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Bucktail Deceiver 2/0 Buy from
Montauk Monster Chart/White 4/0 Buy from
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